Christmas and the blues….Scrooge isn’t all bad. I kind of like him.

Good morning! We are down to the countdown for Christmas and holy crazy people,  Batman. I will need the week after Christmas to sleep.

This Christmas has been more difficult than usual. I am not used to shopping this late in the year. I almost always done by November.  Every year I set new goals and I  fulfill them but this year..giant huge colossal failure. Ugh.

I’ve been working really hard to keep up my Christmas joy and I’ll admit…it’s waning.

Every kid knows what they’re getting. Every kid.

I don’t mind if they give me a list and I work off of it a little bit but this year that seemed my only option. I have so much information in my head right now I have like…fourteen lists. I have lists of lists. I have random things written on my lists and I’m not sure they make sense.

Yesterday the post office delivered MT’s gift, he accepted it and handed it to me. Was it put in a giant box  completely obscured from view like every other package?

No. Cause that would be too helpful.

It came in a plastic  package. Where you could totally feel what was in it. With the return label loudly proclaiming the store it was purchased from. They may as well have sent it in clear cellophane with a big “Merry Christmas, Montana!, hope you enjoy your such and such!!” on the front of it. 

I actually had to call Alexander and ask him about what it was he wanted. So..he knows he’s getting that.

I mailed ten packages. At least four of them were in those padded envelopes and the machines don’t always weigh and measure the postage correctly. I usually aim high for postage but I was super distracted when I was doing it that day. It was busy in the post office and I was taking a phone call at the same time so I was trying desperately to not be annoying. The result?? At least two people have had postage due! Yep. Merry Christmas, please pay for your own gift…  and one persons hasn’t even shown up yet. I suspect it’s coming back because of a grouchy mail man who didn’t like the postage due concept.  So frustrated.

Christmas spirit dwindling. sigh….

I’m just going to try a new tactic. Instead of being sad about it I’m going to accept that everyone is happy with what they’re getting and the real joy here is that we’re all together this year. I know next year we won’t have MT and I really wanted this year to be good. And to beat you to it, no I didn’t put too much pressure on it. I think the planets are out of whack.  Everyone I know is having a difficult time getting it together this year so that’s why I’m just going to sit back and enjoy the holiday for what it offers. 

Even if it offers a little Scrooge. I always liked Scrooge. He’s got personality…

Okay, this is Grumpy Cat but come one…he definitely has personality. Ha. 


Be kind to each other. And not just because it’s Christmas but because it’s the right thing to do. 


I didn’t get to run yesterday, Hollie wasn’t feeling well and I was super busy until late so running in the dark wasn’t a great option for me. We also had family in from out of town so I needed to be visiting and being appropriate. So no running on the treadmill either.

Today I am running. I am also stretching again and foam rolling. My leg is achy. I don’t enjoy achy. But I think it’s so important to take care of ourselves, especially right now at this time of year. And I am totally famous for NOT taking care of myself at this time of year. I must work harder on that. That should be my first goal. I should care less about grown children finding out their gifts. They are always grateful.

Take care of you. 


Run on…

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  1. Sorry the Christmas joy has been waning. I hope you find it again soon. And enjoy your run and, most importantly, take care of yourself!

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