Sweet List <3

I hope your holiday was as fun and beautiful as we all hope our holidays are supposed to be!

Ours was unorthodox and whack and those are the best kind.

  1. Christmas was a good day…we don’t ever expect perfection in this house because it’s the surest way to get disappointment. Kids get tired, people get hung up at other engagements, dinner is late…it’s best to say this is life and it’s the best way to live.
  2. It snowed on Christmas so we had people leftovers…Shaughnessy, Adam and theboy stayed over so they wouldn’t have to drive on those roads. It was a snugly weekend.
  3. War Room. A surprisingly great faith based movie. It got super high ratings at the theaters and I really wanted to see it so I picked it up for Sean for Christmas and it was worth it.
  4. I got to have all of my family together for the holiday. Now…I’ve had all of my family together for regular average days but still…it’s a luxury. Someday I may have a kid in Alaska and another kid in California so I do not take it for granted for one second. If there is a movie on…I pause it. If there is a conversation to be had….I have it. I want them to know they are important. ***so not perfect. I tune out plenty. MT talks about tires and it does not hold my attention all the time. I try but…tires.
  5. We bought Alex Michael a new black cowboy hat for Christmas and it didn’t show up. So I sent him shopping. While trying to decide he came home with two. The result? Two boys in two hats. Oh man they are so pretty. You can tell even though it’s blurry! Those faces. Sheesh. #trouble #iseethattwinkle
  6. It was theboy’s birthday on Christmas Eve and he was buckets of cuteness.
    theboy had a Star Wars birthday event and the result was lots of Star Wars presents. I think it was unintentional but not a bad thing at all. He asked me last week if I would buy him Star Wars Legos and I told him I would. His parents were SO thrilled. #tinylittlepieces #momicantdoit
  7. Sean and I went to see The big Short tonight. Wow. This was the story of four guys who predicted the 2008 housing market crisis. It was very detailed, slightly confusing at times and sad. But incredibly interesting and I am so glad I saw it. Really good. Really awful. Totally worth seeing if you can stomach the big banking creeps.
  8. Christmas gifts this year consisted of all things running. Running books, gloves, hats, jacket, socks and gift cards! I got a few other delightful little items but that was a wonderful little collection to be sure.  #allthingsrunning
  9. I got a run in on Christmas Eve AND Christmas Day and if you know me at all, you know that’s a freakin’ miracle. Yes Folks, it’s a Christmas miracle. I’m always so busy and so tired I just can’t do it. Add to that the 19* and who wants to run? No one. But I really really did so I dressed and headed out. Totally worth it.
  10. My mom got me a giant chocolate throw for Christmas and I don’t think there’s anything as fabulous as a throw. Nothing. I love them. I want one in every room…maybe two. Good Lord the soft.  Gifting in it’s simplicity makes me so happy.
  11. It’s Monday and everyone went back to work. The house is quiet. I love the family being home but I like to recharge to the empty house. I say that even though my sweet husband makes not one sound. Not one. He could be home the whole day and not make a single sound. But knowing he’s home changes the dynamic. Anyone else know what I mean?  Still…if he was home every day I wouldn’t be sorry. I like him.
  12. I finally found a migraine drug that works for the migraines my Botox doesn’t stopYep…that sucker is awesome. It’s called Cambia. My Botox doctor is prescribing it for me. It’s pretty amazing. It’s a powder form, dissolves in water. Doesn’t make me sleepy, works brilliantly. That’s the sweet side and I am choosing to focus on that and not the down side which is it’s not covered by my insurance so it’s $143 for one dose. hahhaa. Yep.  One dose. ONE.

    this is hysterical laughter… 
  13. Today is errand day and I’m beyond excited to get out and finish those tasks I haven’t had a chance to get done. I realize most people don’t get excited about errands but I love to get things done. It makes me feel very accomplished. Like doing the laundry, vacuuming, or finishing a project at work. And when I’m done with all that…running.

    I know!! but it’s true! Tune in tomorrow to see if it really happens but I bet it does because it is MONDAY and SWEET THINGS happen on Monday.

Run on…and bring a kleenex. 

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  1. I’ve been such a happy person today because Cody went back to work. Love him, but he sure messes with my routine!

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