Freetime?..I suppose I could just read the entire internet.

It’s cold here.

Apparently Mother Nature has gone insane and Texas is having tornadoes, we’re an iceberg, the Midwest is under a freeze…it’s very unfriendly and perhaps some love is in order? What the heck?

One of my errands yesterday ended up taking much longer than I anticipated. I figured I could do my workout with Hollie in the evening but she had a conflict so I chose to sleep.

It’s the same.



Totally the same.

But today I told Sean to take the car (mine’s in the shop…I think I mentioned it died a terrible death last week…quite sad) so I am stranded at home and happy to be so.  It’s COLD. The highs this week are in the twenties and some days I’m good with that and some days I’m cold to my soul. My bones can’t recover. I drink tea all day in an attempt to find some kind of warmth.

That day is today.

I’m stretching and treadmilling.

Yogaing a bit and triggerpointing

I’m also cleaning and organizing and laundering

but mostly I’m relaxing and spending far too much time on the internet.

Reddit, Buzzfeed, random links from one thing to the other…good Lord. I don’t usually do that but today I feel like catching up on the world.

A person could get lost pretty easily.


Here is my quick strength workout for today. I did three sets of each.

 squats with weights…13-15

mountain climbers…not my favorite…I don’t do it for seconds…I usually do 20 reps.

plank…one minute

side plank right side…30 seconds

side plank left side...30 seconds

10 -15 push ups

I also have a dumbbell program I use that is working on building up some upper body strength.

Any minute now I’ll have amazing muscles and I’ll be a goddess. I’m sure of it.

Wait. Yeah. That ship probably sailed…before birth. Dammit. I’m ALWAYS late.


Run and strength on…

4 Replies to “Freetime?..I suppose I could just read the entire internet.”

    1. You know, I don’t generally despise winter but the frigid iceberg 20 and below…those temps are not my favorite. I prefer it stay above that. It has SUCH a bite to it! And yep..totally bizarre weather. Kind of a scary ~what’s happening to the world~ sort of way. Ha. yikes.

  1. The boy and I binged on a World War II documentary from the library. Fascinating, in-depth, 6 cd’s. We have one cd to go.

    We have mostly been staying in due to the frigid cold. Plus, rare times we are out–so many folks are sick.

    1. That sounds so good! I love the library and history is my favorite. What a great way to spend the cold weather time. Yeah…we’re all hibernating. Alex and Sean are both getting a cold. I’m going to sleep on the couch and avoid them all. LOL

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