I love the doctor. I love the doctor. I’m talking myself into it.

I have my super exciting doctor appt this morning.

Anyone else wanna take it for me?

I LOVE this doctor.

I’m only kinda being sarcastic.

She’s tall and skinny, smart and beautiful (I mean beautiful) and I and dresses impeccably…oh my gosh the shoes. Her SHOES.

And she’s really nice.

When I see her I don’t actually know what to have first…

hair envy

clothing envy

shoe envy

life envy


My issue with her is her intern.

She is much younger and therefore doesn’t think before she speaks. Or she just doesn’t think before she speaks and has no excuse. When I expressed my concern about getting in my best shape (i.e. upping my strength, building muscle, losing ten pounds) so it would  put me in a better range of healthy (I’m very healthy already, I’m just being prepared) for that scary “menopause” word the intern said, “sadly, it’s probably too late”. A sentence I will probably hear forever. What a RIDICULOUS sentence.

This is not unusual for her and I’m not looking forward for her words of joy today.

I thought about telling my doctor I only wanted to see her but I think that’s equal to telling a waiter your food isn’t cooked right. Pretty sure the next plate isn’t something you want to eat either…
Peanuts gross snoopy disgusted a charlie brown christmas

I’ll just power through but I’m going to add a little prayer before I go in.


  • I couldn’t sleep last night. I worked out really late and when I finally went to bed I had a crazy itch fest (thank you Celiac) and it wouldn’t stop.

    Between that and the dog licking (oh my gosh the dog licking) I got up and took an antihistamine and hung out on the couch and prayed a little to see if Divine Intervention would help.

    It did. I slept. But not nearly enough.
  • I have a love affair with  Christmas lights? While the house is dark and the Christmas tree is lit up (it’s okay, I was in there) it’s SO beautiful and it’s my favorite room. I loved it last night while I was having my ridiculous itch attack. We leave the lights up until after Sean’s birthday on January 5th. It’s a nice way to mark the end of the season and he likes it that way because he likes the decorations, too. Yes, he’s cute that way.

I had to go pick up my car yesterday $1000. Yes. $1000. Why. Why is it never just $287?

What the hell?…and life always has me doing six things so I didn’t get to my workout until late. I didn’t run (well, I ran a half mile as a warm up, does that count?, yeah..I didn’t think so) but I did my strength…mostly. It was late and my arms gave out. Ha.

So I did the following:

I did lunges with weights (I totally accidentally typed “lunches”, do you think that was Freudian?) three sets. 13, 11, 8

planks three sets one minute each

side planks three sets 30 seconds each

deadlifts 13 reps three sets

push ups … two sets…10 each…we won’t talk about those. I don’t even do those well.

floor press… three sets…13 each

I usually focus on legs or arms and yesterday I just kind of mixed it up. Not my best day. I think I’ll rest my strength today and tomorrow give one or the other a try so I’m not throwing all of it in at at the same time. I just felt really good and kept going. I always have a lot of energy that late at night.

I ended with a lot of Trigger Point on my calves to give the Achilles a break.


I’m going to run on the treadmill when I get home from my exciting appt. I’m supposed to walk with Hollie but again, it’s supposed to be 7*.

I hope wherever you are it is NOT 7*?  Though again…I saw the weather this morning and holy hell it’s crazy. Colorado prides itself on being nutty with weather but I think all of the U.S. has lots it’s mind.


By the way, there is zero inspiration for treadmill running. But when people are desperate, where do they go? That’s right…the treadmill. No appreciation. ::shakeshead::

Run on…

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  1. Hope your “intern” appt was not too bad. I think you might want to mention her to the doctor, she isn’t going to have much of a career at this rate.

    1. I didn’t have to see her yesterday…I ended up seeing her today but it was a really good appt! I lucked out…good fortune for the new year.

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