Deja Vu all over again. And Happy New Years Eve! Run with care!

  • Wow. The power of prayer. You guys really kicked it right in there. My appointment didn’t even happen. You kicked it right off the schedule!Yeah, so when I got there apparently they had mixed it up in the books. They had it down for tomorrow but had told me (and emailed me) for Wednesday. So…I have an appt today instead…
  • You know that public service announcement that used to play about “this is your brain on drugs”..hmm…let me see if I can find it…the power of the internet, right?

stick with me…I have a point with this…
Well today I went to the post office to mail something for Alex Michael. He really wanted it to get there tomorrow (it’s in town). I used the machines again…I know! Living on the edge! I like it that way… I paid a little extra to get good postage to make sure it gets there. I carefully applied the postage. I carefully applied the bar code next to it and admired my handi work. This was definitely going to make it. Then I put my gloves on and headed back to the car. As I got into the car I put my wallet, cell phone and Alex’s package on the seat next to me to prepare to drive away from the post office and then I stopped…

In the words of the nuns from Madeline

Something is not right…

There should be a gif for Teresa’s brain all the time. I think of that commercial whenever I make a “Celiac” move. 

I got back OUT of the Jeep and actually mailed the envelope. Not sure how I expected it to get there without putting it in the slot ::shakeshead:: but hey…at least I caught it.

  • I attempted to get work done yesterday but the Lifetime channel decided to play actual great movies all day and not their usual melodramatic drivel. It was one good movie after another. I couldn’t move! So I just kept typing and watching. Thank the Lord I have a lot I can do on the computer. If you get the “Fair Game”. Great movie. Read the book. Great book.
  • Montana is having some minor surgery in early January so he can breathe finally. I think I may have mentioned that before. His first broken bone…LOL. He has a severely deviated septum from birth and can only really breathe out of one side of his nose. He had to wait until he was 18 to get the surgery. Now that he’s 18 (nearly 19) we have AWESOME insurance to use for him to have it done.

    We have a crazy deductible which you would think my Botox would have met! >inserthystericallaughter< but no.
    So the hospital called me this afternoon, yes, the entire hospital called. In the form of a lovely woman named Laura. Representative Laura politely said my hospital bill (sans doctor and anesthesiologist) would be $2310.44. Would I like to pay that today? They take Visa and Mastercard over the phone.
    I don’t really like Laura as much as I did when she first called.
    Gotta be honest, she’s never really been my favorite.
    Sure Laura. Here. Have my Visa. I’ll give you the same one I gave the car guy yesterday!
    She said, “ha. Hope it gives you miles at least!”
    Oh Laura. So sweet of you to have a sense of humor. At least one of us needs to. Maybe YOU should call my husband with this happy news.
    I’m grateful for health insurance. I’m grateful for health insurance. I’m grateful for health insurance.
    I’m just going to keep repeating that.
  • I’m doing the 2015 Resolution Run Virtual 5k today so I have to get 3.1 miles done. I could have signed up for the 6 miles but it’s darn cold and I didn’t want to. So I’ll get home from our respective appts (oh yeah…Sean’s tests are happening this morning…could I get a little prayer they give us much needed answers?) and I’ll do that run. The medal is very cool.  I don’t usually go for medals but this one is cool.  That’s the second time I’ve said that in a month I think. LOL #ResolutionRunVR

  • And finally..I must strength today because it’s all fun and games until you can’t lift the milk container. sigh.

Run on…right smack into 2016

6 Replies to “Deja Vu all over again. And Happy New Years Eve! Run with care!”

    1. Yeah…between the Botox last month ($1100 and something), MT’s surgery, Sean’s tests at nearly $500 and all of our respective meds and appoints adding up to another $1000 we’re both health care exhausted. And I don’t feel like we’re those people that are sick and in dire care people!

  1. Ugh. Insurance. Can’t live with it, can’t live without it.. =/ Sorry it’s so expensive!

    and I totally remember those commercials!

    1. I know, right? I know you get my pain. Sean reassured me the yesterday we’ll have reached our deductible any time now. Deep breaths… LOL $8000. Ridiculous. I couldn’t believe it when one of the people at the hospital said that wasn’t bad. Some people have $20,000 deductibles. Why have one at all?

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