It’s a new year…wanna play?

Sean and MT and I partied hard last night… and stayed home doing absolutely nothing crazy but watching television and entertaining ourselves. It was a crazy good time.

Sean had some tests at the hospital yesterday in the AM and though they mostly went routine we had a few glitches.

Turns out he has no blood. WHO KNEW?  Okay..he does have blood but he hides it well. Two lovely, kind and talented women attempted to put an IV in and couldn’t hit a vein. At the risk of inflicting more pain they had to call in the cavalry. Two MORE lovely, kind and talented women came in and they put their heads together…played gently with my husband’s hand…admiring it and turning it over and back…and finally agreed to put the IV there in his hand.

I don’t let just anyone play with my husband’s hands. We’re getting kind of personal there.

Meanwhile while this is happening…I pretty much walked into the hospital and allergy central happened for me.  My nose went nuts. It started dripping and itching like crazy. It wasn’t just me, one of the tech women had the same problem. She was as confused as I was as to what it could be. I hope hers got better. Mine got significantly worse. We were in the hospital for about four hours and that is how many allergy pills I’ve had today. 

Not friendly.

It’s possible that’s a slight exaggeration but by the end of the day I had lost my mind.

I didn’t have far to go.

I DID have my appt finally and check ME out. This is how it went.

I got called back with the nurse and she said “first we’re going to check your weight”.

And I said, “No, that’s okay. Not this time”.

She was definitely taken aback and gave me a look and a half chuckle with an “okay…not this time” because she thought I was kidding.

Then I said, “my clothes fit fine, I feel good. It’s my New Year gift to myself. I’m not getting on the scale”(I was SUPER polite).

She raised her eyebrows and said, “ohKAY” …in that “huh…we’re going to be THAT patient today” tone of voice.

But there wasn’t any reason for it and I’m the patient so whatever.

Then my doctor came in and she was ALONE! NO INTERN ~side note, I don’t think she’s an intern but I’m not sure what she is. I know she was in training at first but now she works there.  She is an actual employee there with a business card and everything but she still comes in with my doctor usually…bonus this time she didn’t)

It was a glorious day.

We chatted about organizing for a few minutes, we talked about the ridiculous cost of health care, and she sent me on my way. Fairly needless appt that probably cost me $180. Whatever. Drop in the bucket at this point.


New Years Eve Madness…

Sean was okay but still not feeling great. (New Years wish is for Sean to be healthy)

MT was so over me.

I do get a little loopy when I’m havin’ a good time.

I asked MT to play Monopoly with me and he and Sean both came into the kitchen to see if maybe someone else had broken into the house and taken my place.

I don’t play games.



When I was a kid I played them with my friends (of which I think I had two) and it was never a fun experience. You know those friends who weren’t really friends but you didn’t put it together until you were an adult and you were finally able to see their mean behavior?..thus explaining so much? Yeah…that was me. So now as an adult I made two decisions. One..don’t let anyone ever yell at me again. And two…don’t play games. You never had fun anyway and as a grown up you just don’t have to.

I actually remember with clarity the last time I played the game as a kid and it was such a terrible time I vowed never to play it again.

But every once in a while I get a wild hair and actually want to...gasp…interact with my kid. So there you go. We played Monopoly. MT (we sometimes refer to him as “the Bank of MT) is very good at Monopoly and enters into it with strategy and capability. He’s like his dad that way.

I enter into it with “buy everything you land on with zero strategy whatsoever and hey there’s a railroad you LOVE trains!”.

Whatever. That’s a great strategy.

Randomly I won. 

He did at one point ask me to please buy hotels so I would just shoot him to put him out of his misery and stop stabbing him slowly.

He landed on Income Tax like….10 times at least, thus never getting paid from passing “GO”. I missed his Boardwalk and Park Place nearly every time I passed it but collected my $200 no problem. Also won the “free parking” in the middle and yes, we know that’s not how you play the game but that’s how we play it so whatever.

I felt bad. I also have no competitive streak so…I felt bad.

also, I’m his mom so…I felt bad.



I have to run today, my run yesterday didn’t happen. So today I have to finish my Resolution 5k (link to Facebook because their website is down..sad day)!  I was SO sick I just sneezed and sniffled my way through the day. Today I lucked out and the weather is going to be in the 30’s! Score! (p.s. my husband has said “bless you” probably 17 times this morning. Poor guy)

Tomorrow we’ll talk Resolutions Baby…something I try to never do but will occasionally make an exception. 

Peace out!

Run on…and play 

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  1. That’s awesome that the intern (or whatever) didn’t come. Yay! I can’t remember the last time I played Monopoly…

    Also – that sounds like doctors trying to draw my blood / give me an IV. I have veins, I swear! Somewhere…

    1. I don’t know what that’s like. I’m a bleeder. I’ll apparently fork over any vein at all.

      I’m good with Monopoly for awhile now. And MT and I were just discussing that I need to give feedback on my doctor visit and it’ll be positive and happy. Yay no intern!

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