New year new resolutions.

::I wrote this on Saturday::
I got my run in yesterday. It was a very painful 3.1 miles done for the Virtual Resolution 5k.  I am using their Facebook page because their website is still having issues. It was cold, I was sick and every step felt like 1 mile so based on that I ran approximately 6,200 miles. That’s what it felt like…

I’m not sure what I’ll do today but I think perhaps a lovely walk is in order because I don’t want to run and you KNOW I don’t feel good if I say that.


Okay, so it’s the end of the day and I think this ridiculous allergy issue is passing. Finally. Man what an awful reaction. My sympathy and empathy to everyone who has to deal with allergies. I don’t have them very often but when they hit they knock me out for days. I think tomorrow I’ll finally be pretty close or actually normal.

I took my allergy sneezing itchy nose self to Colorado Springs for my hair appt to see Princess Anna today. It’s been 8 weeks since my last appt because she had the nerve to have a baby. Can you believe it? so rude.  My hair is in horrible shape. It’s incredibly dry and breaking off.We are growing it out a little (we figured out the super short hair wasn’t helping it any…it was still ruined just…short) so back to some length. We made a decision not to highlight it because we’re afraid it’ll break right off. So all over color it is.

She made it kind of dark and I don’t think it looks terrible but I’m not sure I love it. I’m at that age where I’m afraid the color job is so obvious it’s a color job I would be better off to stick with the lighter and the highlights. It always looks natural and nice. Very low key. I just don’t want to be that older woman, dyed hair, thinning, short know what I’m talking about.

You’ll tell me, right? Cause I don’t want to be that person. People always say, “oh yeah, I’ll totally tell you”…then they let you walk around with spinach in your teeth.

Ya’ll better tell me.

It’s a new year and everyone is looking back at last year’s resolutions and forward at the new year…

I have said in the past I don’t generally like to set resolutions and if I do I really don’t enjoy doing it publicly.  Hello, public humiliation when you crash and burn? I have so much of that anyway …

There are a few things, however, I’m perfectly comfortable saying “out loud” that I’d like to work on.

I did get several projects done last year that I wanted to work on. Some went well. Some didn’t.
This year I want to finish more projects.

Always more projects. I will say though…I totally hesitate to start projects anymore. Now I think about the task involved.

Is it worth it?

Will I have the time, inclination and passion to finish what my imagination started? 

I can only really think of three…maybe four if I’m brave enough. Though that fourth one may end up like recycling bin project…it’s one of those that really didn’t want to work from the get go. No love for me.

Other than that I’ll just continue working on me. It’s not a resolution. It’s just a decision

The physical me

The emotional me.

The spiritual me.

The running me.

I am a neverending project.


These resolutions I can probably do…

Run on and be awesome…


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