Sweet List Monday <3

  1.  Yearly planners. Is there anything as wonderful as having an actual calendar to write things down with? They have so many now I just can’t choose… #officesupplylove #calendaroverload
  2. I have a thing about buying store brands. It’s not my favorite. I feel like I’m being manipulated to buy their stuff ~only our brand is on sale and the name brands are full price~ it’s so irritating. But today that all changed. I went to pick up some store brand Advil (WAY cheaper) and some store brand Claritin (oh my gosh…the price difference is like $4.99 versus $24.99. Ridiculous). I’m standing there looking at the box pondering if they’re gluten free and I flip the box over and GUESS WHAT…it says right on the package!!! Yep. That’s right Folks. I am a Kroger customer convert. Thanks Kroger! #storebrandwin #labelsondrugs
  3. Jeeps tend to be bare bones…no frills. Liberties have a little more but still not a lot. I really needed a holder for things like coins, cards, miscellaneous stuff I keep in the car. I tried a little baggie but it wasn’t good. Today at King Sooper (again with the fabulous grocery store) I found a kids cup (purple…decorated like a crayon..ha) and it fits PERFECTLY in my cup holder. I love it. $.99 and my life is easier. BAM.

    ****commercial break here to say I’m an angry typist and I’m watching a movie with my husband as I drive him insane with my click click clicking. Sorry Babe! ***

  4. New Years Eve with my guys was pretty awesome. Low key and relaxed…MT played Monopoly with me.
  5. Sean had tests last week and it’s on the Sweet List because it’s progress! One step forward.
  6. 6am on Sunday, just hangin’ on the couch with my lovely soft dark throw (thanks Mom!), next to the Christmas tree (thelights!) and reading my book in the quiet house as I get to watch the sun come up.  #lovesundays #whyaresundayssoawesome
  7. New Years Day we had dinner out with the family at Beau Jo’s…sandwiches and pizza. Gluten free happiness.
  8. Kleenex. #itsthelittlethings #allergiesarekillingme
    tissue kleenex meg ryan youve got mail have a kleenex
  9. Getting my hair done. It was way overdue and Dudley Moore wanted his hair back.
  10. The best runalso…I felt so good running yesterday I hesitate to suggest but I think my Achilles are ready for my Brooks again. I missed them. 
  11. The Lake House by Kate Morton. So good. It does tend to go into a lot of details but the mystery is great and it keeps you guessing until the end.
  12. It’s Sean’s birthday week! Good things happen during birthday week…
  13. We have had gorgeous GORGEOUS 40* and even 50* days this past week and today proves to be the same. I’m taking full advantage until the snow hits later this week. 

4 Replies to “Sweet List Monday <3”

  1. I love office supplies!

    Also, yay for store brands! I used to be somewhat skeptical as well, but our Texas chain H.E.B. has legit store brand stuff.

    1. I’m ridiculous about office supplies. And I have fought the store brands forEVER. But I’m so excited about the gluten free thing I am a true convert. Name brand people pay attention!

  2. Yay for office supplies, cheap meds, good runs and good books!! And getting your hair done! Finally got mine cut yesterday after far, far too long!

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