Happy birthday to Sean <3


  • It’s Sean’s birthday and so it’s a busy busy day. To the store and workout and baking and cooking and cleaning and SO MUCH TO DO. I like him. Understatement of the freakin’ year.
  • I started this last night and just couldn’t finish it. I feel like I have twenty things to do today. And tomorrow. And the next day.  It’s the beginning of the year and I’m still mailing stuff! I went to UPS yesterday to mail a package and they had a room of packages that was to the ceiling. TO THE CEILING> They said it was the busiest they’ve ever been. ??What’s THAT about??

    and in case you’re wondering…it would have made an awesome fort. AWESOME.

  • Everyone is coming over tonight and I thought…let’s do it easy. Wings and Mac and Cheese. I’m heading over to Pinterest for an easy homemade Mac and Cheese. I could do it gluten free but I try really hard to not eat cheese and I ate some yesterday so now I’m back off of it and here’s a newsflash…I don’t actually like mac and cheese. I KNOW! Sorry. ::givingbackAmericancard::
  • On that note I’m going to throw in this political /spiritual comment. I’ve begun to actively daily pray that Trump does not become President of my beautiful but somewhat dysfunctional country. There wouldn’t be any dignity to the dignitary part…so wrong.

  • I was supposed to run with Hollie yesterday but she had something come up so I walked the dog and when I say I walked the dog I mean…it was a slllooowwww walk.
    But I did my strength for about 20 minutes and that was awesome and felt pretty great. Today I’m heading out for a run and I’m AGAIN wearing my Brooks because I’m day three of little to no Achilles pain (KNOCK ON WOOD QUICK). love it.

Run on…and find a little of yourself today. 

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