Really intelligent musings from yesterday and a few from today. Because that’s how my brain works.

  • When you’re in Downward Dog and you find things under the couch you’ve been missing for a bit…hmm.
  • I totally used someone else’s toothbrush this morning. I brush my teeth in the kitchen, I have a little drawer I keep my stuff in and I just reached in and grabbed it out. But as I brushed I thought..yeah…this isn’t my toothbrush. Looked in the drawer again and there’s my toothbrush. Who’s is this?  And can I bleach my mouth please? #grossgrossgrossgrossgross #celiacproblems #thiscantbeglutenfree

  • Allergies = sneezing = living on allergy meds =is drying me up = peeing all day = sneezing= peeing while sneezing=mom problems. Also…peezing. It’s a thing. I just invented it.
  • When you decide to call the mechanic just before you run into the store to grab that quick item…and as you sit on hold you realize you are a prisoner to the hold. You can’t scroll the internet. You’re waiting on hold. You can’t listen to your audiobook…you’re listening on hold. You can’t go into the store…that’s when they’ll answer the phone. You just have to wait. Never make that phone call until AFTER you’ve popped inside for that errand. #carprisoner #mechanicproblems  #rookiemistake #hardlessonlearned
    arrested development prison mistake tv will arnett
  • I saw on my kitchen stool this morning and listened to this terrible loud obnoxious licking noise for like…two minutes before I finally snapped and turned to tell Malachi (the dog) to stop licking. Malachi was outside. It was Skosh… at my feet…licking the chocolate Eliot left on the stool from the birthday events of last night. Since he’s a cat…it was taking a lot of effort.  The cat gave up. That chocolate was determined to stay. #smalltongueproblems #probablyshouldcleanbetter

  • My face has broken out in its signature spot. It’s my favorite. I actually have a scar on my chin from it breaking out once and just didn’t want to heal. I totally blame this on stress. SO UNFRIENDLY.

    tina fey not cool 30 rock liz lemon


All I got done yesterday was a run with the dog and let me tell you he’s not been runnin’ much. But it was Sean’s birthday so it was a busy day.

Sean’s getting ready to blow out his candles and theboy is scopin’ out the situation from the side…he wants some of the cake action.
Today, if I ever get off the computer, I’ll get a workout in and try and find a little bit of myself. (p.s. doing that right now!)

Sean’s tests came back. We’re still on the hunt for the answer. We’re really grateful he doesn’t have any kind of a serious life threatening illness but chronic pain is so debilitating. We just want to find out what it is and make him better.

Commitment :

Run on…no excuses. 

2 Replies to “Really intelligent musings from yesterday and a few from today. Because that’s how my brain works.”

  1. Oh man. I have a scar on my chin like that, too. Makes me very unhappy 🙁

    and I’ve so been there with being on hold! Ugh.

    1. In my whole life I’ve only ever broken out in one spot. My chin. Maybe a handful of times. Crazy, right? When it breaks out it does it with a blaze of glory. Giant huge infectious glory. It’s a good time.

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