Longest day ever.

Sean had an appt yesterday with the surgeon to see if he was a candidate. It was at 10:15. He was seen at 11:30. So…wrong. Fortunately we really really liked the surgeon so it was worth the wait. Still wrong.

We left there and went up to see the GI doctor to hopefully be squeezed in for a quickie appt (nobody apparently told them that) only to have them make us a “quickie appt” on the 11th. Again…wrong…

No GIF required. Just be sad.

But while Sean was dealing with that I was hanging out in the chairs. Now just tag along with me here because I have a point. There was a guy sitting across from me (facing me) and he was playing what appeared to me a handheld video game. Not a smart phone. This is a grown man…well…mid twenties?  Facial hair, backpack…grown man. He was going INSANE for this video game. Like he was alone in his basement. Groaning at it, talking to it, shaking it, raising his voice to it. At one point he looked at me and said, “it’s a very frustrating game!”. I’m..sorry?

I just stared at him. I also silently thought…you’re kind of an idiot. My kids didn’t behave that way in public when they were 10 and took their video games with them. He raised my anxiety level so high I almost left the room multiple times. It was so strange. Was there something wrong with him?  Yes. He thinks he can do whatever he wants in public. That seemed to be the only thing wrong with him.

I’ve never been more grateful to leave an office.


We got home about 12:30pm and had to be back at the hospital by 2pm to check MT in for his surgery. We loaded up backpacks for a long day and headed out.

When we got to the hospital we began our long day of hurrying up and waiting. Hey…we’re military…we know how to do this.


They checked him in and we got to hang with him for HOURS because his 4pm surgery didn’t start until 5:15. We were all in pain by then.

It went quick and efficient and was successful to say the least. The surgeon came out and talked to me and said his nose was “all jacked up” as they like to call it but they totally cleared it out and straightened it out inside so it’s clean on the inside. No scar tissue or bone fragments or anything. Pretty awesome.

They let him sleep for nearly two hours. Even after they were like…Dude…how you doin’?  Poor kid.  He was definitely stoned. And he wouldn’t let me use the photos I took because wow…that was funny.

We got home at like…10pm. It was late. We were tired. Headaches abound.

Skosh snuck out and I didn’t know he was out there… (it was COLD and SNOWY) and MT saved him at midnight thirty when he got up for meds and heard him scratch at the door.  Thank God. That’s a legitimate thanking of God. It was very very cold. My poor Skosh.

Everyone was up multiple times throughout the night and I am tired. Longing for a workout. Have a list of things to do. Hangin’ with MT today. Dealing with a snow experience.

I have to finish putting the Christmas decorations away and then I will be able to breathe..

maybe as well as MT


Run on…if it’s snowing, you might have to talk to your treadmill.

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  1. SO glad to hear he is ok. I didn’t want to be a pest so I didn’t call last night. I hope everyone is having a better day today. I bet montana is looking foreward to breathing like everyone else. Love you all!

    1. Hi! Yep…Everyone is having a better day because we’re currently hibernating due to the snow. But I think I’ll have to venture out and it makes me sad. Sweats forever.

    1. Thanks! He’s fluctuating between 18 year old grouchy and cracking smart ass jokes so I guess he’s doing okay. I look forward to naptime. Not sure if I mean his or mine. Ha! And he’s super irritated he can’t work out or run…hello. SURGERY.

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