Monday Sweet List <3

It’s hard to start a Sweet List on the day we found out David Bowie died.  My heart is so sad. Though I’ve always loved the song, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty would never be as good without A Space Oddity. It’s the first song I thought of but there’s so many I know couldn’t even choose a favorite. It’s nice to see the world is giving him his due. He earned it.

I’m also very late for this even though I wrote it yesterday but today we had a ton of errands this morning and more appts after so now it’s catch up time.

  1. Starting with the obvious, MT got surgery he needed his whole life. HIS WHOLE LIFE> That’s not a big deal or anything.
  2. Sean finally made progress on figuring out what’s wrong with him ~thankyouGOD for progress~ even if it goes nowhere, each step is  a checked box and THAT is a big deal.

    Oh, did I already use that one? ha! life goes on. It fit,  I used it again. 
  3. A lot of people make plans to change their life and it doesn’t necessarily happen in January. I think as long as they make small changes and take it slow they will have some success. So far so good I’ve been able to make a really good change and be really careful what I eat and how I eat and the result is a little more control over what stays down. It’s been that long since I lost a meal. Not to jinx it or anything but renting my meals is my least favorite.
  4. Instead of putting away Christmas…we ended up clearing out the crawlspace, finishing a project, and organizing the whole area. My chaos brain is creeping towards zen. It’s getting there. One trip to Goodwill at a time. One rubbermaid at a time.
  5. The Golden Globes. Ricky Gervais was funny but pretty offensive. I’d way rather have Tina Fey and Amy Poehler but I guess they had to move on, right?  I was pretty freakin’ thrilled for Sylvester Stallone (Sly!) and Leo DiCaprio.  Plus…#all the pretty.
  6. This poster because it is clearly Skosh and I still feel bad about him getting locked out the other night. #cattherapy
  7. I finished two books this week which just means I get to start two more books. TWO BOOKS. That makes me happy. #readingislife #pleasemorebooks #pleasemoretime
  8. We watched a great documentary called  The Central Park Five. This was the story of the 1989 vicious attack and rape of the Central Park jogger and the immediate capture and (erroneous) incarceration of the five boys (boys!) afterwards. The complete misuse of power and the justice system in general was painful to watch. And as a parent, watching these parents not understanding and inadvertently helping was just heartbreaking. It sounds awful but we couldn’t tear our eyes away. Really good documentary on Netflix.
    The Central Park Five (2012) Poster
  9. Hey…my car did NOT cost $1500 to fix…the second time. ha! Baby steps, People. #glasshalffull
  10. I had lunch with my friend Norma who I NEVER get to see. There’s a certain freedom that comes from hanging out with someone that knows you and recognizes and enjoys who you are. Doesn’t question your words and understands where they come from. She talks as fast as I do and knows I’m nutty and basically 12 years old (she’s totally 9.5 so I’m older..HA) so I can be as ME as I want to be. No apologies, no explanations, no questions about hurting anyone’s feelings, just a normal average conversation…it’s just us having fun. Well as average as we can get.  Two hours where you get to be genuinely you.

  11. In going through the crawlspace stuff I found the world’s littlest cowboy boots. Joy in #itsthelittlethings
  12. Theboy being just cute. I mean..come ON. Speeding through his house on his new skateboard. The second photo is one I just got and I just love it so much. That little face and those curls. I don’t like him at all.
    eliotskateboarding  favoriteeliot
    photo credits: Adam 
  13. A really really good workout yesterday and I’m going for a run today. Yesterday I did 30 minutes (at least) of strength training and then I ran the dog (24* People, it wasn’t far) and today I’ll figure it out. My treadmill is  covered with stuff. I usually take more care but there was literally no space. We had to use it. #treadmillsadness #Iwillfindyou
    I concentrated on legs most and of course…it felt like 28 minutes of planks but was really just five minutes I think. Still…no fun. I love them and I don’t love them. And lunges. LUNGES. Evil. You should see me doing one legged squats. Now there’s a site…Ha. it’s pretty funny.
    Run on…and work on leg day. LEG DAY. squats. 

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  1. YAY for progress for Sean! and good for you for cleaning/organizing 🙂

    I always love your sweet lists. They make me happy for you 🙂

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