I did a disservice to MT because I can’t EVEN. I know. That’s not a sentence.

Day (week, month…forever really) to mourn Alan Rickman. The genius of an actor who gave us much joy.  I’ve loved him forever but he will always be Snape to me. I always knew he was good. I knew it from the beginning. #alwaysinmyheart
I loved every single thing he was in and now I want to binge watch it all. And I love that he secretly married the love of his life, Rima Horton, last year even though he’s been with her since he was 19 and she was 18. They’re whole lives they’ve been together. And after fifty years decided to marry. What a brilliant man.
Hang on…I’ll talk about my workout and such after this…it’s totally worth it. I could be biased.

This story should have been told immediately. Like…stop the presses, post an update and make it publish like…RIGHT NOW.

MT had his follow up doctor appt yesterday from his surgery.  In case you haven’t been reading, MT had a Septoplasty surgery done. When he was born his nose was broken (relatively normal) but apparently this caused such a severely deviated septum he has never been able to breathe out of one side of his nose.  They told us years ago he had to wait until he was 18 and stopped growing to have the surgery to correct it. So he’s 18 (nearly 19) and it was time. They did the surgery last week and the surgeon came out and said “wow. It was jacked UP in there“. Pretty impressive if even HE thinks so. How many of these has HE done? A lot. Turns out it was worse than they had anticipated. They didn’t think they’d be able to clear most of it but they did. They did far better than they expected and the surgery went really well but they did have to put two splints in. Now you know the backstory.

We get to the hospital and we obediently troop in and are in the wrong building.

Now, my first issue is who the HELL designs hospitals? Do architects take mazes and build them based on that? Total and utter confusion.

This elevator only goes to the second floor but then you follow that hallway around three or four blocks to another hallway which will take you to the fourth  floor and THEN you can go down another hallway to your doctors office where you are now seven minutes late and the receptionist does NOT find you charming and delightful (whatever) and is in fact offended by your presence.

Beat THAT run on sentence.

So we take our seats (what is she going to do, send us home to make another appt? He has stitches! Ha! Finally found a glitch to that rule).

MT fills out paperwork and takes it up to her. She is kind and friendly to him. Granted, he is cuter than I am.

We go back to see the doctor and here is where it gets good.

MT sits in the chair, nurse takes vitals, sprays horrid tasting spray in his nose, he suffers.

Doctor comes in, gets tools of torture, puts light on forehead for a better view and proceeds to remove these:

Some perspective…they look like they are about 1.5″ and 3″ long. That’s insane. See the tube running down that? It’s filled with mucous and blood so that was disconcerting and explained why he felt awful all week. When Dr. Willis finished removing them, he suctioned his nose out and cleaned up the blood.

Then he looked at MT and said, “take a deep breath.”

MT took a deep cleansing breath and got the most beautiful smile on his face. Just the biggest most beautiful smile. I can’t even tell you.

full house happy dance michelle tanner dancing
Dr. Willis said, “that’s the best part. It’s not as amazing as a cochlear implant but it’s pretty great”. 

Worth Every bit of hassle, every dollar (twice over) just to see that smile and realize he felt so much better.

Then we did something completely unheard of.

We shook the man’s hand and left his office intending to never see him again. We met him, arranged a surgery, completed a procedure and were done.

What’s THAT like. sigh…


Short and sweet, yesterday I did 30 minutes of yoga and 30 minutes of strength

Let me just say I am really trying to tweak this program into something productive. There’s so much to learn and with each move I have to question if I’m doing it right. I definitely have to up my weights on some of my moves and today my task is a spreadsheet so I can keep track. I’m not good at this. I do like it better though…THAT’S something.


There are a ton of moves and I can’t ever remember the names of anything.  The mixing and matching is not something I love but I think that’s good for muscles so I do it. Hence the need for the spreadsheet. My world is writing everything down. Everything. I’ll be lost otherwise.

I worked on arms yesterday but I need to up my weights (don’t get excited, we’re talking from…4lbs to 6? LOL…I really have no idea. I have to look because I just grab whatever we have sitting around. They aren’t those cute pink weights sets with the numbers printed on the ends. They’re my husband’s weights and I have to look at them and I haven’t ever bothered. I know…that’s no way to weight train. But I figured I’m just starting and here’s a big reminder for all of you…I can’t push myself too far or my body will rebel and I don’t want to halt good progress so I’m going VERY slow and CREEPING into strength at a snails pace.

Hopefully that’ll get me where I want to be and I’ll be healthy, too.

Let the spreadsheeting begin…

---yes, yes, and YES! We weigh more than before we started lifting, but we look slimmer.- 21 secrets girls who lift won't tell you:

Off to run.
Run on…because in the end that’s where the love is…

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  1. Yay for MT feeling better! And yay for upping your weights 🙂 Reminds me how I need to do my strength training DVD…. 😉

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