• I plugged my phone in to charge it and blissfully went to sleep. When I woke up it cheerfully told me I had 4% charge left as I had apparently expected it to charge from my electric personality while I slept so close to it. I didn’t actually plug it into a wall plug.

    Science. Something I need more help with apparently…
  • I dropped a nearly full jar of coconut oil and it shattered but retained it’s shape. I told MT to watch his step as I wasn’t sure I got all the glass off the floor. He mentioned he had his tetanus shot recently. I said it was okay…coconut oil is very healing and healthy. He said that’s like telling a hockey player that falls down ~it’s okay…you already have ice on it. Dude.
  • I grabbed a little pocket pack of Kleenex from a storage drawer I keep in a cabinet. They’re unscented plain Kleenex. But every single time I use them, I swear I smell something really sweet. Overly sweet.

    I check the package…yep. Unscented. What the hell? Eventually it comes to me.  I store them in the same drawer as the wax I melt in the Scentsy warmers. wax refills.  Yoda, I’m not. I know…kind of scary it took me this long, isn’t it?

  • When I took the Christmas decorations down there was pine garland in every direction. Occasionally a pine garland baby would be dropped. Not a big deal except every time I turned a corner I was pretty sure a spider was there…and holy crap it was huge. Did I pick the damn things up? No. I just jumped, accepted the scare and then LEFT IT THERE to scare me LATER.

    I know, I have no explanation.
    Per the rule of this blog…there will be no spider GIF to demonstrate…don’t even ask.
    I ended up doing yoga again yesterday for about 30-45 minutes and weight trained for the same. It was unbelievably windy and cold so I figured I’d treadmill but alas, I still have crawlspace stuff on the treadmill until Saturday when we finally have time to put things away properly.

I miss my treadmill. I thought I could dig it out without too much trouble but if I started it would become another project so I just stuck with the yoga. It was still a really good yoga and I was good and sore all day.


The quickest way to acquire self-confidence is to do exactly what you are afraid to do.:

Run on…for inner strength…


4 Replies to “Meanderings.”

  1. Thank you for not posting a spider .gif! I might not read your blog again 😉

    Oh, and all those things totally sound like something I’d do.

    PS: What Scentsy wax is your favorite? I just got a warmer over the holidays and am looking for nice scents 🙂

    1. So…I have to admit…I don’t have the patience so the few times a year I go to Walmart I pick up the knock offs. I KNOW. It’s bad. But it’s so much easier and I can smell it right there. So I just grab whatever doesn’t smell like cookies. My family doesn’t like it when the house smells like food and there isn’t food (truth, they really don’t like it when the house is smelly but I override that because I prefer the smells to the smell of life, bleah). So I get different things. My current favorite is Cranberry Mandarin.

      1. That one sounds nice! Mmm…

        And I don’t blame your family for not liking the house to smell like food when there isn’t any! Reminds me of the comedian Mitch Hedberg’s bit about burning cinnamon roll scented incense and making his roommates wake up with false hopes..

        1. Yeah, it smells really good. I love cranberries. And that’s totally right! It’s a big teaser! Alex would come in the door expecting cookies and it would be a candle. Ticked him off.

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