Breakfast. Happiness and joy all day long.

  • Yesterday (Saturday…I clarify because we all know I write at whack times and post at more whack times) I did about 30 minutes of yoga and then 30-45 minutes of strength. Then Sean popped into the room to change his clothes and I decided that WAS a good time to end my workout thankyouverymuch for the excuse. I mean I was totally going to force myself to do my side planks but man I was tired. I was TIRED so I ditched. I know. I’m bad. But I’ve been a good girl,Santa, so I’m giving myself a treat and not doing the damn planks THIS TIME. Geez. I’ll do them on Monday.
  • In my mad rush to get the hell out the door yesterday to meet Andrea I grabbed the remote control to make sure I had it with me. It’s possible I watch too much television. I stopped to MAKE it fit. That’s when my brain said…it’s a remote control. Seriously. One time, back way back in the day, I drove halfway down the street with a cordless phone and my sister on the line. Until I started to lose her and figured out it doesn’t work that way. Hey though…I got like halfway down the block. That is impressive reception for that sucker.

  • I got up this morning to go for a run (it’s the perfect morning for it) and it’s foggy and beautiful and asking for a quiet peaceful run. It’s also 14*. Hm.  14*. That’s like..really really cold. I might wait an hour and see if it warms up to 20*. Ha. Warms up to 20*. I don’t even know what to say about that sentence. I love Colorado but I would love a slightly warmer morning…maybe a little Northern California on a day like this. (update: it’s 25*! The fog is gone… alas)
    freezing disney winter frozen disney frozen
  • I finally upped my weights enough that I feel it the next day. I’ve been reading like crazy and also lifting barely any weight and it’s hard for me to have this kind of patience but I’ve done it the wrong way and that helps me do it the right way now. I hope. Don’t be fooled. That doesn’t mean I know what I’m doing. It just means I think I’m not screwing it up too much. But it feels really good to feel a little aching the next day. Must be doing something right.
  • I’m off to lunch (Sunday breakfast) with my friend Solongo who I NEVER see and then we’re going to walk at the Aurora Reservoir because she’s my ~I love to workout but I never get to will you workout with me~ friend. And of course I will so the answer is always a very emphatic yes.
  • We’re meeting at Le Peep first because french toast. LePeep does Celiac safe the right way. Yes, they’re a chain. Yes, they just have plain old American food. Plain old American breakfast. They aren’t trendy. They aren’t organic. They aren’t new and different with healing fruit cocktails that clean your chakra’s and there isn’t a line of 120 people waiting for two hours to get in the doors. But I love them. The one we go to looks family owned with the kids working, too. They are SO nice and we always get seated right away. Yes, I am a commercial for this little restaurant. We used to have one in Aurora and we didn’t go nearly enough because we were dumb. Also, I didn’t have Celiac so we just didn’t appreciate them.  They closed. Now we are sad and we have to drive a little farther. Serves us right. Do yourselves a favor and go to that little restaurant that seems to need the attention. You’ll feel better for it.

  • ~~~~~

Run on…and grab a friend to tag along…

If it ever warms up I’ll run with Miss Gloria again. The girl does not enjoy the cold. 

2 Replies to “Breakfast. Happiness and joy all day long.”

  1. I’m tired of the cold already! And also bummed that my running friend (whose name also starts with G) is taking the winter off from running outside 🙁 So I feel your pain..

    Also, side planks are the worst.

    1. It’s so wrong…I have to keep running or I’ll lose what little mind I have left. And that’s not much.

      I don’t mind the side planks actually. I just do them after three minutes of regular planks so my body is saying, “ha. whatEVER”. So yeah. I was done. No more. Happy to stop. Nope.

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