Sweet List <3

  1.  I’m not a huge fan of mass socializing but it’s been a totally fun weekend hanging with Hollie, Andrea and Solongo. Plus I get to eat out a lot with mostly good results. Friday was dinner with Hollie, Saturday Andrea and I went to PFChangs where I could eat every single day and after we had our lunch we sat in her car and talked for four hours. I’m not kidding. We do that EVERY TIME. She has a nice car. Plus we always have a million things to talk about.  And today I met Solongo for lunch and then we headed out for our leisurely stroll of three miles and ended up doing six. And thank the LORD her sense of direction is better than mine because if we went my way we’d have gone ten.

    I suffered. I really really suffered. 
  2. Broncos beat the Steelers. That is all.
  3. My friend (doesn’t matter which one but her name starts with a consonant not a vowel so that should help!) was telling me she hasn’t had a lot of…action lately…so  it might be time to see the gynecologist.  She’ll get a  breast exam and everything! Yeah…I laughed pretty hard at that, too.
  4. My entire body hurts from working out. I know you’re thinking…um…that’s a good thing? Yep. That’s a good thing. It doesn’t hurt like I’m dying. Just makes life a little awkward.
  5. Sean gets Shakeology from Motivational Mom PT  and since he hasn’t been feeling well he hasn’t been drinking it.Unfortunately it’s on a schedule so it kept coming and he got a few bags behind.  He has like two bags stashed. I needed something to drink so I’ve been grabbing a shake every once in a awhile when I’m in a hurry. That stuff does not mess around. I do not get hungry when I drink it. Crazy. He also doesn’t know I’ve been drinking it so…surprise Babe. Sorry and um…thanks.
  6. I know I’ve already put crawlspace on this list like FOUR TIMES but whatever it’s my list. So I’m putting it on here because it’s January and I’ve already completed a task! HELLO. That’s pretty freaking awesome. So there. I’d like to do the garage but I don’t want to scare Sean away.

    I want the garage clean. But it’s cold so I’ll wait until it’s warmer and then do it.
  7. Mike and Molly. I‘m sad they canceled it because damn it’s funny.
  8. I’m on day 18 of not “renting” any of my meals. Again it’s not a record but it’s pretty damn amazing, People.
  9. I was so tired of shopping I went on a “no spend January” spree.  It’s not because I don’t want to spend the money or I’m tired of people, I just don’t want to be in another store. I just really really don’t want to be in another store. So groceries is all and home it is.
  10. The smile on MT’s face when he took a deep breath for the first time IN HIS LIFE was one of my very favorite moments ever.  Yes, I failed for not getting photographic evidence of that smile but it took me by surprise. I didn’t realize what was happening until it was already done. Still amazing. If I could go back in time I’d have Sean go with and I’d take my damn phone out and take a picture. We’ll have to settle for this pretty face. I am so lucky.
  11. Going through memories with the kids has been pure fun. The looks on their faces as they find old notes, old pictures, little jeans and shoes, important toys they didn’t realize I kept. Oh my gosh the laughing. It’s been great.
  12. My running/strength routine has been pretty on all week. If I missed a day of running I filled it in with yoga.
  13. This commercial because it made me crack up laughing. Don’t we all wish it were that easy and yes, Beyonce.


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    1. Yeah, it seems to be going pretty well! Although I spoke too soon. I got sucked into the purging hole yesterday and no workout happened. I jinxed myself.

      I’m not too invested in the football thing but I do have to occasionally get excited because of where I live. It’s a rule.

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