We chose the safety over the workout. We both felt better for it.

  • Hollie and I were headed to our run yesterday and she got there first. We meet at a local rec center that has a great park around it that has a mile sidewalk around it. As Hollie was turning into the parking lot she misinterpreted how much time she had to turn before a van was coming and the oncoming van came close to hitting her.  Apparently, the driver of the van (a MOM apparently, like, really??) pulled up behind her and two guys came up to her window and proceeded to tell her off in a really REALLY violent way. Enough to scare the hell out of her. They were pulling out of the parking lot when I came in.  We sat and talked about it for a while and finally decided neither of us really felt great about staying. She has a very distinct car so she went home and used her treadmill instead. I went home and strength trained and hopefully she’s feeling a little better today. It was way not friendly and I felt really bad for her. People suck sometimes. But also, as women we have to be SO careful and even if there’s a little feeling of not right, you should honor that. And I never want our workout to be associated with scary.
  • I decided Monday I was done with the stall.  I had a hard time Monday going through all that history so I started job hunting and sucked it up to register for school. I got online (I was already enrolled so I just had to log in) and grabbed the class I needed to register. I called them last week to double check what class I’d need and what my options were. Since I wasn’t thrilled about the whole thing I continued to stall. Stalling about school is my go to job. I could get a job in stalling about school.

    The backstory to this is that I struggle with Algebra so much (ridiculous history there) that I don’t get it at all. When I took the test having not looked at any algrebra in 25 years I did quite poorly on it. You can’t take College Algebra just by walking into it. You have to be prepped. So I took TWO classes (yep…I paid for two classes I get zero credit for) in order to prep myself into College Algebra. And I need one more. One last class six years later. So I register for the class, I total it up and my balance is…are you ready? $1274.60. For a class I get no credit for. At a community college. Twice what it was six years ago. Twice. For a class I get no credit for. I absolutely could not do it. A THOUSAND DOLLARS. That’s insane. I mean, I was prepared. I was definitely prepared but not for $1274.60. I have a kid and a son in law with student loans so I’m well aware of the cost of education. I am not naive. I have a kid right now in that same community college and we talk all the time about how grateful we are that he is getting this education for free (it’s a special program his hard working self qualified for thank you Aurora Public Schools!) but wow. That’s just insane.

    A while ago I had a friend suggest that trying to find a way to not take the class was me trying to “get out of doing the work”. Um…no. I just knew it was going to be expensive and that was BEFORE I knew it was double the cost. Seriously…double. Totally ready. As a matter of fact I’ll take all the work. The hardest work. All those people that said to me, “you know, that degree would be really hard” or “that one has a lot of math”. I think I’ve spent my whole life watching people fly past me having lives and kind of patting me on the head because I’m a mom and I “clean really well” but I feel very judged. Whether they are or not…I feel it.
    So, I guess that’s that. My heart is sad. But my head is saying no the hell not.

    So I guess if I’m not going to school I need to do something else. Anyone have any ideas??
    Just leave ideas in the comments but please make sure all ideas are legal and morally ….not gross.

    So my workout was short and sweet last night. All the boys were home so I just closed off my bedroom door and did a quick strength training workout. It wasn’t my best but it definitely wasn’t my worst. And I did about 20 minutes of yoga, too because…oh man I’m so stinkin’ tight. What is up with that all the time??  I long to be one of those women with long loose muscles. They must be SO relaxed all the time.

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Run on…and be flexible…yeah, you know what I mean…

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  1. That’s so scary about that encounter! Absolutely choose safety over the workout. Yikes.

    And that’s CRAZY about how much the non-credit class costs! Is there an option to take it elsewhere? To study on your own the re-take the algebra entrance test? Are there any free college readiness programs in your area? (The program I work for is not just ESOL and GED, but they also focus a lot on transitions to higher ed, especially at the community college level. And it’s a federally funded program so there may be something similar near you…)

  2. Just take the actual algebra class, not the bonehead class. If you are paying that much you should get the credit. You have a built-in tutor. Take it online. If that school doesn’t offer it you can find another one that does. Make sure it is accredited so you can transfer it in. I know you don’t always agree with me but I always remember what your Dad said about horses…don’t fight ’em, cheat ’em. Not suggesting you cheat, just suggesting you find an easier way to get it done.

    1. I can’t take the actual class without taking the bonehead class first. They won’t let me. You have to take a test first and I didn’t pass it. So…bonehead class. But here’s the deal. EVERY class costs that. So I’m going to pay $1200 for every single class? Seriously? Do you know where I could travel for that cost? I won’t pay that. It’s ridiculous. I’ll find a better way or I won’t do it.

  3. Well for sure. But you could take the actual class online from another university or college. Those costs are outrageous anyway, is that Metro?

    1. Nope…that’s the Community College of Aurora. A note to clarify, the costs are slightly higher to take the class online. That’s new. Because I’m NOT showing up…I have to pay more. LOL

  4. So really, do you want a college degree, or just think you need it? I am not sure what degree you are looking at but try another school. Some of the non-accredited ones are less expensive and are online. I got mine from a non-accredited college. I once asked an employer if she paid any attention to where the degree came from and she did not, just wanted to know if a person had one. It does depend on the job of course but you are smart, you can do any job. Think about what you really want to do and if you need the degree to do it.

  5. Also, you don’t need a degree to start your own business. My former trainer, Tawny, and her husband have started a fitness place. It is a small private one called The Asylum, hehe. I think I really need to be there. But anyway, you could do that easily enough. You have already been self-employed. I don’t mean a fitness center but just your own business. Also, you don’t need a degree to be an administrative assistance, you have already done that job and you liked it. There are lots of opportunities out there.

  6. And, doesn’t it cost less if you take a full load rather than one class at a time? Sorry, I can’t stop talking, lol.

    1. You are hilarious. I’m answering all of this on the same comment. I want the degree. I think I’ll wait and look at my options. Maybe I’ll find a scholarship for women who may be having a mid life crisis.

    2. It didn’t fit…

      MT and I tried it full time… Still crazy expensive. It’s more to take them online and I want online classes.

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