Whoa. Just completely derailed here.

I started my workout and since I missed yesterday I wanted to make it a good one.

  • Yoga first…SO much stretching and warm up. I have some aching in my right leg that I just wanted to stretch out good and tight.
  • Moved on to strength training and I worked on that for well over an hour. I did my legs and my arms with increasing weight for each. Tonight I definitely feel it.  I still didn’t do my side planks. I got interrupted mid floor press and thought…okay guess I’m done. I did two one minute planks and some push ups in the middle and called the workout done.
    ~small note here…I broke my streak and rented my mid day snack which should have been my first clue that something was up. ~
  • My next step was to go for a well planned ~so looking forward to and can’t wait to head out and get it done~ run. But about half way through my strength I got hit with a BLINDING  pain in my head.  These headaches hit fast and hard and are pretty rare for me. There doesn’t appear to be any trigger and there’s no preventing it. I rarely have any warning, just one moment I’m fine and the next moment I am sick and dizzy and honest to goodness can hardly focus on anything.I’m pretty grateful I got as much done as I could. After my phone call I was so sick I immediately took meds and a short nap.

    This didn’t even touch me so I walked around and talked to Sean for awhile, laid in bed hoping that would just take the edge off and finally I took my strongest drug (x2!) and went to bed. It doesn’t matter how behind you are in your workouts. It doesn’t matter how overdue you are in getting some cardio in. It doesn’t matter how desperately your soul needs that run and man does my soul need a good run. It doesn’t matter how afraid you are to run because you haven’t in over a week and maybe your body can’t run anymore…maybe you don’t have the energy or the stamina or the fitness or anything and you’ll pass out and end up walking one block into it…it doesn’t matter. All that matters is listening to what is important and at that moment my body said holy freaking hell go to bed and try again tomorrow. And I wearily said…uncle…

    1. Spam comments are usually flattering but I got one that said this:  “I see your site needs some fresh posts, I know writing takes a lot of time, but there is solution for this hard task,  just type in google”.

     Insulted and with a side of “you could really improve.”

    suck it suck my dick you suck reactions julia stiles

    2. I was renewing Sean’s vehicle registration online and I swear at the end there was one of those boxes to check as you’re paying on whether or not you want email updates and this was for information on Colorado government. You know, I’m good, thanks. And per #1, I always have Google. Who checks that box?  Why yes, yes I would like daily emails about Colorado government. That would be riveting!


run on…and whatever your talent is express it…feel the joy…

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    1. I know, right?? Probably those people that skim TOO much check it without thinking and are now stuck getting Colorado government emails and they can’t figure out why!

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