Right on target with my workouts (I hope I didn’t just jinx that…what with the blizzard coming) ;)

I ran Malachi yesterday for a quick two mile walk and he actually ran most of it! Total shock right there. I went from there to meet Hollie and we ran/walked four miles. Most of it was running with a little warm up of walking. Six total and I didn’t do strength yesterday…still a little gun shy from that migraine.

Today we met again and she ran super short on time so we did a quick two miles of running and then she had to leave so I stayed and ran another two, then Sean and Malachi came and met us for another mile and a half of walking. A total of 5.5 isn’t too bad and nope…no strength today. I took the day off again. Tomorrow for sure. I want to stay on schedule.

Also, I made the world’s plainest most boring spreadsheet ever and it just didn’t do it for me so I contacted a certain IT guy that I know…and just like that I have this fabulous awesome workout spreadsheet. He’s pretty cool. Of course, after the Jeep I don’t have any money so I had to sleep with him. Sigh…the things I do for good IT work. (Thanks Babe!) So now I have this cool spreadsheet I get to input all this fabulous data into.  Now I HAVE to workout. (p.s. MT is berating me for that inappropriate joke)
Monday: strength and yoga 
Tuesday: strength and yoga
Thursday: strength and yoga
Friday: 6 miles
Saturday: 5.5 miles

  1. So it’s the middle of the month and right on schedule my Jeep is leaking. yep. I KNOW. So yes, I’m taking it back to the mechanic and being very friendly to him but also saying please KEEP the Jeep until you no longer see any fluids coming out of it. I think they really like me there. They’ll be pretty happy to see me again, I’m really pretty sure of it.
  2. I’m watching Pride and Prejudice for what has to be the 27th time in my life and that’s not even a lot. I’ll always watch it. I’ll turn it on and just have it in the background and I’ll turn it on and end up glued to it. Either way…I am that girl. I love it. No, I don’t love The Notebook. Haven’t we discussed this? Geez. Have standards, People.
  3. My sweatpants met with a terrible demise (I ripped a hole in them) and I had to throw them away. I have no other “comfy pants” to wear. That’s theboy’s description and I like it. So I’ve been living in my pajama pants of which I have one pair. oh man I bet my family is thinking…”she’s lost all hope. Not getting a job. Not going to school. Won’t even get dressed anymore..what the hell are we going to do with her?” My poor husband. Mostly, I’m just really cold. I’m really cold. I may have to break “no spend January” and buy comfy pants. Or I could just do laundry and wear those jammie pants one.more.week. What’s another week??
  4. I started logging into Myfitnesspal again. I think they need a button for ~I freaking ate so much there’s no possible way I could ever remember, let alone log it and really we all know it’s three days worth anyway so why bother~. I don’t eat three meals. I eat 8 meals throughout the day (doctors orders). So I eat…six bites of chicken here, a little sweet potato there, and pretty soon you’re a cheesecake in deep. Oh man, I wish I was a cheesecake in deep. That sounds so delicious. It’s possible I have a problem.


We’re expecting snow tomorrow and I’m expecting to be … cold. It’s supposed to be a high of 46* and snow accumulation of…well…less than an inch. We’re stockpiling and preparing to hibernate for days.

But I’m intending to power through and run my butt off through that blizzard! ::sarcasm::
Just go sledding -- in appropriately warm clothing!:
Run on…and stay warm and safe! Maybe the treadmill is a good idea…

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  1. Good luck with staying on track! And, personally, I consider comfy pants a necessity akin to food, so I’d buy a new pair during a “no buying” period. But maybe that’s why I suck at not spending money 😉

    1. Well I remembered today that I have some Underarmour sweatpants so I am going for those. I only have a week to go! Also…I’m really anti spending right now.

      Although I bought a microwave…that’s not anti spending…

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