Spirituality and running.

It’s Sunday. And here I sit with my weekly self-examination of spirituality. Do I go to church, the place I find spiritual grace and peace and a true and needed message, one that is most likely overdue?  Knowing this experience of community, this grace and peace, will be what I carry in my heart to the next day and the next and on is what takes me to Sunday services.

Or do I run. Even as I type the words I can feel my feet flying beneath me. The warmth of the sun warming the road and taking the brisk out of the air. If I choose my run, I will find the spiritual grace and peace I need and God will get me the message I need. This run, this time of mine alone, will be what I carry in me to the next day and the next and on. The alone is so healing its worth cannot be measured.

And so it begs the question…it’s Sunday morning. Do I go to church or run?  

There’s something about Sunday morning. It just has a different kind of feeling. It feels clean. Sunday feels like a new fresh start. Like everything that happened before is erased and this is your chance for new. The sun is brighter. The air is more crisp. Everything is quiet as the world sleeps in.

I realize there are enough hours in the day to enjoy community and also the run.  There’s just something about Sunday morning that feels ~holy~ to me. This spirituality that seems to permeate the air tends to wear out its welcome as the day goes on. It glows it’s brightest first thing in the morning and slowly dims as the day progresses until it’s suddenly afternoon things just aren’t as wonderful as they were a few hours ago. If you’ve chosen church, it’s much more difficult to convince yourself to venture out the door onto the roads as they don’t really shine like they did when you first opened the drapes that morning and let the sun in.

And there is my dilemma. Each offers a gift. What direction do I go?  Most of the time I choose the run. Sometimes I don’t even run, if I’m not feeling well and it’s bitter cold I’ll spend the morning in the quiet with a cup of tea and a good book. I recharge. I heal. I take the time to think and pray and write.

I  give myself permission to do both. If I split my time, I’ll feel like I’m handling it fairly but I’m not going to feel guilty if I make a different choice and it becomes out of balance. I think God understands we find our spiritual selves in many different places and that’s why he makes Sunday mornings so perfect.
Morning run:
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