Sweet List <3

  1. I  put an ad up on Craigslist to sell my things from the crawlspace and I just sold my cuckoo clock to a really nice older couple. I didn’t charge very much and I’m glad I could do that for them. Also….SO glad to have one thing gone. ONE THING. Only 472 to go. I don’t know what you’re talking about. I never exaggerate. 
  2. Um…it was SIXTY DEGREES here on Saturday so I spent the day out in the gorgeous weather, thankyouverymuch. A small gift from God to remind us winter won’t last forever and to just hang in there. Or global warming.
  3. It’s birthday week for MT! He’ll be 19…I know, can you believe it? I’m off to the store for his birthday breakfast of choice...Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Yes, I’m that mom. I only buy it when it’s their birthday. Of course, he’s an adult so he can buy it himself, but he doesn’t. So…birthday breakfast cereal.
  4. We went to see Bridge of Spies last night and it is as good as I’ve been anticipating OH MY GOSH it was so good. I don’t know why it wasn’t more well known. Tom Hanks. Steven Speilberg. It was good. I’m surprised it was still at the theater but I’ve been wanting to see it so much I’m pretty happy about it.
  5. My lovely church, St Stephens Episcopal  in Aurora went out of their way to make sure I got a gluten free communion wafer by separating it, putting it in a napkin and when they served it…I was invited to take it myself to avoid cross contamination. Such community…I do love them.
  6. I’ve been a lot colder ~re: feeling a little achy~ in the last week. Oh the irony since it’s been so warm. So I’ve taken to blanket/pillow sitting on the kitchen floor in front of the sliding glass door where the sun’s warmth shines through right to my heart.
  7. I bought a new microwave. I know….it’s no spend January. But mine sounded like a jet engine was taking off and I couldn’t stand it for one second more. It’s been in the plans for several months but one thing after another kept happening. I found a great little store with the nicest salesman who accidentally talked me into a discontinued model. So he sold me the floor model for a steal. Yes, I made him plug it in so I could hear how loud/quiet it was. Best deal ever. Not so sweet…it was a pain in the butt to install.  Nothing was lined up and it required three guys to work on it. Fortunately…I had three guys. Thanks Babe, MT and Damon! #sweetdeal #kitchentoysareawesome 
  8. Vitamin Water Zero…lemonade flavored. Yum.
  9. I went to Target to pick up some groceries and I found GLUTEN FREE CAKE!  Now…I’ve been looking for gluten free cake for months. No cupcakes. No cake…nothing. I’ve been to health food stores, grocery stores and even Whole Foods…nothing. It’s like there’s a sudden ban on cake. SO WRONG> But I found it and it’s shortcake with a fabulous raspberry filling with whipped cream and seriously…I could just die it’s so good. Also, I could totally eat the whole thing in one sitting.
  10. Per #9, Target has WAY stepped it up and they have so many gluten free items it’s unreal. Kroger used to be my go to store for gluten free and I think it has to switch to Target which is a little sad as they are SO expensive but variety is totally worth it.
  11. Sean made me the awesome spreadsheet so that had to go on here for sure. I love being that organized about things.
    Best IT guy…
  12. I came across the kids medical records from the military when I was going through the last of the paperwork and such. Shaughnessy didn’t have much in hers…she was always pretty healthy. MT was only a dependent for two months so I kept his paperwork because it was his birth story. Kind of cool. But Alex’s…now there’s a file. That sucker was his whole life detailed in medical terminology. Hilarious. I gave up after about page 15 but seriously…that kid. He’s our guardian angel kid. He has extras for a reason.
  13. Two semi good runs this week. Not my best, not my favorite but better than zero. Hopefully this week goes a little smoother. I was way busy with errands today and tomorrow I’m in an all day meeting so it looks like tomorrow night is my workout time. This is where we get to see if I’m able to stay on track.
    Schedule "me time" and stick to it! As moms we don't have the time, we have to make it! YOU are important too!:

    Run on…and keep on..you know…get the job done. 

4 Replies to “Sweet List <3”

  1. You sold your cuckoo clock from Germany? I am surprised. Yep, Bridge of Spies was great, one of only maybe 5 movies I would be willing to see again.,

    1. We did…we haven’t used it in years and had it carefully packed away. We have so many great memories of Germany and most of them are photographs with our time there. We didn’t need the cuckoo clock. It wanted to be hung on the wall and chirping 🙂

  2. Yay for selling / getting rid of things!! I’m so trying that right now (actually just packed up and mailed off something I sold on eBay. Woohoo!)

    And that cake sounds awesome. Now I want cake.

    1. Nice! I think I jinxed it and haven’t sold anything since so I think I need to pop a few things onto Ebay. I’ve had some success there, too so I might need to cross sell. Just to at least try it.

      That cake was so darn good. I ended up giving the rest away so I wouldn’t eat it. It was really light and I could have downed it all in one sitting.

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