This was not the plan.

My day started yesterday with that moment you slip on your jeans, anticipating the day ahead and thinking…I need to look a little presentable so I’ll wear my dress jeans…and they don’t fit.

That’s right people. My jeans were too tight. My dress pants were too tight. Everything was too tight.

So I braved the evil digital creature and stepped on …

the scale.

I’ve gained ten pounds. 

All my hard work, my eating well (this week’s piece of cake notwithstanding), strength training and working out has led to a very successful weight gain.

I’m SUPER excited about this.


I have so many questions…

  • Is this Hypothyroidism fighting me? I totally fluctuate up and down every few years and losing weight is a herculean effort. This is why I work so hard to keep it at a good level. Because once the gain is there…losing is so hard. I’m guessing this is the number one culprit.
  • Maybe it’s something I’m eating I need to tweak (gluten free food has a lot of sugar in it so I have to make sure I’m eating more vegetables and  proteins…
  • I’m on the computer a lot (see?) so maybe I need to increase my daily activity…

Don’t I sound like I have it all together? A Plan. Forward motion. Track it all.

When really what happened was this:

Only I was late for a meeting so I did it in my head. But trust me it was there.

So I went to my meeting and my first action after the meeting was to go to Old Navy and buy new jeans. Weirdly, they are the same size, style and brand that I already have.  I bought them anyway because they fit, for some whacked out reason.  It’s Old Navy so it doesn’t surprise me too much. I’ve had a few encounters with their sizes being off. And yes, I broke “no spend January” but with my desperate need for pants, I don’t feel too guilty.


I did five miles on the treadmill last night…


my with junk lungs...can't breathe. no energy.  pain. ivs and tons of meds and endless treatments every day.:


I wake up tired and go to bed wide awake #thyroid #hashimotos #hypothyroidism:

This is SO ME. Mostly the going to bed wide awake part but sometimes it’s both…

Am I the only one that can go to the gym 5 days a week and actually gain weight? #weightloss:

Run on…and remember, positivity. What? it’s a word.

4 Replies to “This was not the plan.”

  1. LOL! And the only reason I’m laughing is that I just went through the exact same thing and am going to have my thyroid levels checked tomorrow. Three years ago they were a little low but not enough for medication. Well, now I can’t lose weight to save my life, my hair is receding (!!) and I’m always cold (what’s new). And I’m sure my levels will be normal. Or maybe it’s more of this wonderful menopausal crap! Who knows. I’ve had two job interviews this month and had to go buy clothes because none of my beautiful Ann Taylor pants fit anymore. 🙁 And I only have one pair of jeans I can barely squeeze into. So, I certainly empathize with what you’re going through. Hopefully a little tweaking of the meds will take care of it!

    1. I’m so sorry we’re in the same club! It’s a very unhappy club to be in and I’m pretty disgruntled about it. My levels were actually just checked and they seem okay so now I think it’s just life with Hypothyroidism. They also run panels to see if I’m in menopause and so far, nope. So I’m left with…what the heck? And I REFUSE to wear jeans that are tight. It’s so uncomfortable and I feel so…conspicuous. So…yeah. New jeans it is. Total sadness about the Ann Taylor pants. 🙁

  2. Clothes that fit you at the size you are (even if you’re not happy with said size) are important. I had to buy a new pair of jeans for that very reason lately myself =/ It sucks. But you also feel better….

    And Old Navy sizes are so ridiculous. I sometimes look at their website and am tempted to buy something, but I have absolutely no idea if it will fit or not!

    1. Yes, I firmly believe you need to buy clothes that fit you to feel good. Or…kind of good. LOL And yes. It sucks a lot.

      I can’t stand Old Navy sizes. I’m bitter.

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