I maybe should get outta these pajama pants.

It is crazy late in the day and I have taken far too long to write this but I have been doing a million things and true to my personality, not any of it was what I was supposed to be doing!

When I have company coming, that’s when I’ll choose to organize the closets.

Last night the dishwasher said, “oh…not paying attention? Perhaps instead of just … flooding…I’ll spend the whole NIGHT flooding so then you’ll HAVE to pay attention”.

And yes. we did. Water water everywhere and yuck.

slight exaggeration

Then I started the cleaning process for  EVERYTHING for Sean’s surgery tomorrow. Clothes, sheets, vacuum, dust, everything. It may be an odd request, but I don’t mind. It’s just time consuming.

So in the midst of all of this mandatory everything…I chose to clean out the refrigerator and freezer.

I don’t know why. It’s where my brain went. So my kitchen is spotless. Can’t go wrong with that.

And in the midst of it I am still in these stupid pajama pants because I don’t have sweat pants. I must go buy some.  I am the person that wakes up in the morning and MUST GET DRESSED NOW.

But I’m SO cold ~thank you winter~ I’m instead doing the “I’ll wait until I workout” thing. That always ends up happening later so I spend the whole day in my pajamas feeling like a smuck. A SMUCK. I think I spelled SMUCK wrong.


There you go.
I got my strength training in last night but my boys have been plowing out Colorado for two days so this up in the middle of the night to make sure MT is getting out the door okay, has warm clothes, is a functioning member of society about to drive somewhere, is screwing with my system so that’s about all I got done. I’m hoping today I’ll be a little more on.


But you know everyone was a beginner once. | 19 Things Only Women Who Lift Weights Will Understand:
That’s me…the beginner.
Run on…and be brave…

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  1. Oh no! That sucks about the dishwasher. But a spotless kitchen is really nice. I’m jealous 😉 (but not jealous enough to go and actually clean mine…)

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