It’s 3am. Do you know where YOUR child is? and other random stuff.

  • We have a deal. He’s a grown up. When my kids turn 18, they are grown ups. However, they have to be courteous and if they will be out until all hours, they need to leave a note, shoot me a text, something. Just to let me know they aren’t dead on the side of the road. Our family has history of accidents, etc. It’s important. I would do the same so do it for me. Otherwise, you get to do what you want and I’m okay with it. MT is THE most responsible person. Until last night when it was 3am and no text, no email no nothing. So my migraine drugged self, distracted with Sean, sidetracked by life, woke up in a dead panic because I don’t remember my phone dinging. I grabbed it and saw no text. Ran to the window…no car. Called him frantically…he calmly said he was still with his friends. Dude, not cool. He said he’d be home soon and he was sorry. Okay, well, STILL NOT COOL> My heart cannot TAKE THIS.
  • Sean had surgery yesterday…so that’s where my head is. We went in around noon  and the surgery started late and ran late. The doctor is awesome. Fits right in with us…greeted us immediately with a movie reference and he was off and running. He talks a hundred miles an hour, I love it. It went great. A little different than they expected but not bad. Sean is recovering nicely and has really good narcotics. I’m jealous. They just don’t give out those good drugs anymore.
  • Throwing in a little political note: seriously..someone nominated Trump for a Nobel Peace Prize. Mull that over for a while.
  • I had to to pick up a recycling bin from Lowe’s a few nights ago.  They have one style. One. It’s made out of recycled material, it’s blue, it’s a little small (32 gallon) and it has a whopping $65 price tag. NO JOKE. I almost died. My sister almost died. We talked about it  as rationally as we could but would stop and say SIXTY FIVE DOLLARS every couple of minutes. Turns out my friend Miss Andrea already knew the crazy price of this because she owns TWO. Gasp. No way. Yep…Sure enough. That’s apparently the going rate. Nice huh?  Guess I own a $65 recycling bin. ::momentofsilenceformymoney::

    this gif knows my life.
  • Yesterday was pretty busy so I just jumped on the treadmill and did a quick mile and a half so I could say I ran and I could feel like my metabolism got a tiny little boost. Okay. A pathetic boost but whatever. Don’t judge me.I was hoping to come home and get back on the treadmill but the surgery ran really late and by the time I got there I had a migraine that ruled my world so completely I couldn’t think and I still had to go to the store. By the time I got back from the store I just wanted to sleep. You should see my kitchen. No really. It looks really really bad.

    Today I’m going to walk the dog
    Strength train
    clean the kitchen
    attempt tomorrow’s blog (it’s in my head already)
    yoga my kinks out
    sign up for a class
    get out my sewing machine and start a project
    write a bill for congress
    sign up for the Peace Corps (wait, I need a degree for that)
    buy a dishwasher
    buy dog food (harder than you think, it’s a drive)
    sweat pants

    I think that’s it. Probably enough.



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  1. $65 recycling bin is crazy! Sometimes I’m glad I just rent 😉

    Hope you got through enough of that list to feel accomplished 🙂

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