Monday Sweet List <3

It’s Monday morning and it’s a well deserved Sweet List.

  1. Denver Broncos won Super Bowl 50. Now…if you’re not IN the Super Bowl, you don’t care about this. You went to bed early and probably made a comment on FB about that. And if you don’t LIKE football, you probably did that, too. After years of not caring about football (that’s me, I really don’t care much about it) I will say this. Denver LOVES it’s football. And I’ve been listening to Denver people volley back and forth for the last few years between complaining about Peyton Manning and how old he is and loving Peyton Manning for being the great man that he is. So far he hasn’t shown anyone he isn’t a good man and for being so old, he seemed to hold his own. A team effort got them there last night and they did good. Nicely done, Denver.
  2. Sean’s surgery went well and now we get to hope it did the job it was supposed to and he doesn’t have anymore pain. Follow up appt today sadly, tomorrow…they rescheduled….I feel so bad. I totally spaced making the follow up appt until Friday afternoon after 2pm and the office was closed. So when I called today there were no appts.
  3. I bought new sweats. Yep. Finally got the job done. Unfortunately, they are black and they are this fabric that seems to attract animal hair rather than repel it. Sad day. So I don’t know how long they’ll last but they were super cheap so you get what you pay for. Thank you Target.
  4. I’ve gotten a pattern down for getting up and getting my workouts done. I didn’t get my strength done last week (just once) due to Sean’s surgery but steps steps steps. Moving is the key, right? The more you move the less you feel like sludge.
  5. I bought a new dishwasher. Though I do not love spending the money and for sure that does not belong on the Sweet List, who doesn’t love new appliances? yep. This girl does.
  6. You know that feeling when you are so deeply unbearably tired you feel it in your stomach and you finally get that moment to lie down and your bed is so soft and there’s your favorite pillow and oh man you love that blanket…and you close your eyes. #blessedsleep
  7. Everyone came over to watch the game yesterday~ Alex and Megan, Shaughnessy, Adam and Eliot, MT and his friend Marianne. Sean came downstairs and hung out in the family room and we had Shaughnessy’s award winning chili and jalapeno poppers (some of them were…surprisingly hot~ LOL) and total and utter ridiculousness. We laughed our asses off and made far too much noise and it was great hilarity with zero photographic evidence. I do believe that Megan took a picture of Alex in her sparkly Broncos headband and Swarovski crystal earring but alas, she kept it on her phone and didn’t share it. Trust me…that one  was worth a share. It was charming. 😉  Most fun ever.
  8. Candles. Candles are my best friend. At the Family Dollar I found Skittles candles for $1! They are delicious and pretty.  I currently have three cats and a dog living in my house (I have Shaughnessy’s cats for the week). I need things that smell good. And in case you’re wondering if I have a problem…you can stop wondering. I most certainly do. #tastetherainbow
  9. Listening to the Serial updates. I’m totally behind on season 2 but season 1 updates with Adnan Syed are so good.
  10. I scammed MT’s old iPod from a “I just don’t know what to do with these electronics but hell, let’s throw it in here” drawer and am using it in the kitchen for my much needed music and podcasts when I’m televisioned out. Shut up. I do too get televisioned out. It’s happened. Yes, it’s rare, but sometimes there is the occasional I just cannot take one second more of “How I Met Your Mother“. And I really have no interest in “Naked and Afraid“. I have standards.
  11. Happy Chinese New Year! It’s the year of the monkey~
  12. I am halfway through four books. Maybe by next week I will be all the way through at least one. I think I am going to buy a new audiobook today. I need something fun to listen to while I run.
  13. LaCroix Natural Berry Flavored sparkling water. It’s kind of delicious.
    Run on…

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  1. I was very excited for Denver and for Manning! 🙂 Yay! and hooray for new sweats 🙂

    I so need to catch up on the Serial season 1 updates…

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