Sean update…and whoa. This selfie.

So here’s what happened:
Catsitting for the kids.

Bosley and Sister ~ and we have one (Skosh) and our puppy (Malachi) who is SUPER excited about all the new people (re:kitties) visiting. So each cat goes to his or her corner and the dog is in heaven and tormenting them all with his joy and we’re like..hmm. Close the doors and maybe all will eventually settle down.

Thus began the domino effect.

Sister was upset by everything so she hissed and growled thus putting all the cats on edge. Bosley ran off scared and bumped into Skosh, then swiped at him and gave him a gash on his leg (or something, Skosh has been limping for two days so definite war wound).

Skosh later tries to hide his injured self in Alex’s room but I know that Bosley is hiding under the covers in there, so I quietly walk in there, pick up Skosh and tell him we’re going to go in a different room. At this point, Skosh figures out there’s a cat under the lump in the bed and FREAKS THE HELL OUT!

As I was holding him.

And thus…I now look like this.


Please forgive the really really bad hair and the shiny face. I’m headed out for a run so I’m not dressed for cute, and my face has no makeup, just coconut oil. Thus…the shiny.

We had Sean’s doctor follow up this morning and his surgeon took one look at me and was all..~WHOA~

Yeah. I know. I’m not even trying to dress it up with “it’s not as bad as it looks!”. Nope. It is. And it hurts. It narrowly missed my eye (thankyouGOD) and it’s swollen and I feel it every time I blink. I also scar if someone looks at me funny so I’m totally going to scar from this. Just what my face needed! Alex saw it this morning and said, “that’s totally going to scar”.

Thank you. As my child, isn’t it written somewhere you are only supposed to say NICE things??

He’s out of the will.
Sean had his follow up and he’s doing really well. They took out the drain (sorry to gross anyone out!) and hopefully healing keeps going as well as it has been. The surgeon said..oh yeah. The gall bladder was definitely bad. It was bad. So okay, there. Hopefully that means Sean has at least some relief from two freaking years of pain.

For his sake and mine. hahaha.

No, I’m just kiddin’. Mad love. He knows that.


We stopped for lunch at PFChangs on the way home and I was able to make myself silly happy on Spicy Chicken. Which I could eat buckets of and not get tired of it. Ever. I love it so much. I know some Celiac’s have not had luck there but they are always really good with me so I’m still in. #fattuesday

Sorry for the random blog today. As opposed to all the fascinating stuff that’s USUALLY on here. hahahhaa. Not a lot of interesting stuff but just a quick update because I’m so late in gettin’ it out there. Yesterday was so chaotic and kind of awful I didn’t get anywhere near my steps in. I felt so lazy. So today I’m hoping to throw some extras to make some up.

I am way behind on my strength training (I blame Sean) but I haven’t slept in days and days and days so I’m giving myself another day of sleep to see if I can feel like a human bean.

I bet when you read stuff like that you think…yeah. She was definitely a stay at home mom. ::shakeshead:: Chick can’t even speak real sentences.

Yep. I was. And spiders are pieturds. And headaches are head-icks (Montana came up with that one. I always kind of appreciated it).

None of this is the point. See? I need sleep.

Running the puppy. Then running me.


Off to run. Just a 3 mile today I think is on the training. We’ll see. I need to update the list.

I’m running a half marathon in Pittsburgh May 2nd? …something like that. And I’m meeting my friends there for our annual get together. Annual because we did it last year, too. 😉

Anyway, they are all on FB and saying “I’m all ready! I ran 12 miles on Sunday!” and “I did nine miles and I’m biking and swimming so I’m super fit and ready to go!”*

*no one actually said that. I’m totally making that up but it’s my unbelievably distorted version of ~I’m working out like a fiend and definitely ready for this race~

I twice now have looked at the calendar in a panic thinking it’s next month. I’ve never  been afraid to run a half marathon under trained until I started to really get hit with Celiac. It just wears me so down I can’t run two blocks. The thought of thirteen miles is so not happening.

I have two issue with this.

  1. who is that ready 3 months PRIOR to the race
  2. Are they training for the marathon?
  3. shut up…I know I said two issues. But my third is, do you think they’d let me just meet them at the finish line with coffee and donuts because clearly they are going to be there way quicker than I would. I might as well just ditch that sucker. sigh.

    Stupid fit people. #allthelove #theyknowIlovethem #thisistotaljealousytalking #outofcontrol

Now I’m really off to run. Clearly I’m easily distracted.




Run on…and work on that inner peace. 



4 Replies to “Sean update…and whoa. This selfie.”

  1. Run the race with me! I’m not ready! 🙂 And you’ll still probably be faster than me…. (Remember when you ran it with me and I’d had two hours of sleep the night before??)

    SO glad to hear Sean is doing well and I hope you start to heal from your injury ASAP <3

    1. Oh whatever…You just RAN thirteen miles. Please. Nice try Missy. And I TOTALLY remember that! I can’t believe you ran it on two hours of sleep. So impressive.

      Sean is healing and my eye is looking disgusting so that must be good, right? Gets worse before better. 🙂

  2. OMG, your eye! I was so upset when I saw that picture. Maybe you should get that looked at. And why do you have all the cat at your house?
    On another note, we are so happy to hear that Sean’s gall bladder was really bad, hope now he will mend soon.
    But I am still worried about your eye, take care of yourself, love you lots.

    1. Yeah…my eye is bad. But it’s not in my eye thank heaven. It’s just a really nasty cut just below it so it’s bruised and swollen and really sore. I live for Neosporin and Advil. I think it’s slowly healing. It just looks worse before better.

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