I survived this week. Do they give medals for this?

  • I woke up yesterday with a milder version of my migraine from hell and with hope and excitement I took my mildest meds and within an hour I felt human. HUMAN. Not…I might be better. Not…don’t push your luck. But better. Finally better. I was finally ok. Nine days later…most miserable week ever but I thank the Lord and my sweet husband for helping me get through it in one piece.
  • I have successfully made it to Thursday. Today is my Botox appt.  Upside, for sure my head will feel better and I can also get a new scrip for drugs. Downside, shots.

    life explained through Princess Bride. I like it. Deep.
  • I ran my 5 miles, successfully completing day TWO of my training…….. It sucked, by the way. I was hot. It’s February and the weather said 47*. Doesn’t that say cold to you? I dressed for cold. I had my pullover, my capris, my hat and gloves and I expected cold. I should’ve had shorts and a tank top it was freaking HOT. Turns out it was closer to the promised 70*. I was SO tired, my legs would TOTALLY not move. I did a fair share of walking on the way back…that fourth mile…it wasn’t pretty. Do I care? Nope. I got it done. I know what you’re thinking…it’s the drugs. Tess, you’ve been on drugs for a week. But I think no. I’m sure the drugs had nothing to do with it…sigh. or they do. Most likely they do. Probably…they do. I took a lot of drugs and my body felt it. #sowrong #dontdodrugs #stayinschool

    now there’s a successful campaign right there.
  • Ready for the dishwasher drama? They called to confirm the delivery of the dishwasher on Wednesday, the 22nd of February. I said, “no…I was told Saturday”. My guy says…”um…no, we didn’t have anything available on that day. We have it coming to you on Wednesday, the 22nd”.  I told him I’d call him back. I call Sean and tell him I’m cancelling. This is ridiculous. Then I call the guy back and tell him we’re cancelling the order. We’re cancelling the order and by the way, Wednesday is the 24th. He put me on hold to verify and then came back to say ~yes, that would actually be MONDAY the 22nd.~Thanks anyway, I will not be needing your dishwasher. Just cancel my order I will be buying a dishwasher from somewhere else. No.  These people exhaust me. And they need a calendar.

    Now I’m dishwasher shopping again but whatever. It’s fine. They still have to come get this one. And they have to credit me what they owe me. That should be easy. ::sarcasm:: Thank you..square one.

  • This is day 9 of the Whole30. Still going well. No tragic meltdowns or anything. All is well. I know I should post those amazing recipes but I just don’t make any so…sorry. Today I ate pretty basic. Some fresh pineapple (which I could live on thankyouverymuch) for breakfast, a protein bar before my run, some chicken I sauteed in extra virgin olive oil and lemon juice for after my run,  a hamburger with avocado and a sweet potato for dinner, raisins and walnuts for a snack. I think that’s it. Kind of basic. I’ll try and be more exciting tomorrow.
  • I have a billion and one things to do tomorrow. I love to be busy so I am looking forward to that kind of day. Keeps me from losing my mind. Ha. The dog just sighed and I asked Sean if he was okay. LOL…Sometimes they’re interchangeable you know.

Run on…and can I frame this one?

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    1. I think I’m too tired to care at this point. I really am. Dishes are easy. I would like the gaping hole to be gone though. That would be nice.

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