I’m gettin’ it done. You’d think I’d be faster though.

Once again I woke up with my migraine making itself known. I chose to ignore it as long as possible and then..yes…drugs.

But only the totally legal prescription kind that make my migraines better.
Sometimes I have people give me the speech about no medication and pure living and don’t put anything unpure into your body it’s a temple etc etc and all I can think is how MUCH pain I deal with when I’m dealing with one of these really really awful migraines and as they’re talking I’m reciting the mantra …

***better living through pharmaceuticals***

I will eat vegetables. I will eat meat. I will give up sugar. I will give up soda. I will do the Whole30. I will give up cupcakes and cake and gluten for the good Lord’s sake but I will not by all that is holy give up my migraine drugs. I live in fear of not having them. I have traveled without them by accident and nearly had a panic attack.  I figure after 40+ years of this, I’m allowed the fear. And the drugs.


I still ran the puppy and then I ran myself.

I did good. It was a momentous day. I got out of bed.

My head recovered a bit. It definitely had its moments but stayed behind and I just moved very slowly and carefully.
 I got two miles in with Malachi and then I ran 3.25 by myself. 

I was pretty tired when I headed out by myself but I still managed to do well and I felt so good to be running I just didn’t even care if I went fast or slow or stopped and walked or anything. It was the perfect run and the best way to start my training even if it was a week late.

On another note: my training plan doesn’t account for any strength training so I’ll have to fit that in and try not to overdue. I’m a little cautious but strength is only going to help me so I think I’ll try not to be stressed and just keep pushing forward.


Roses from my guys.

MT gave me these white roses for Valentine’s Day. I killed 8 of them overnight because I’m that talented. The other four are still beautiful.


Sean gave me a dozen pink roses today. Because I’m not having the best week. But I think I’m trying to feel better.



I registered for a class today and so yes…I can say I did something. One step forward.

It’s just a one day class but it’s one I need so I’m glad I have it.

I could sign up for the same class through my city adult education classes but they are all 50+ and um…hello…I’m only 49 and I think I’ll start pretending I’m 45. I don’t think I can go much lower than that. I don’t look any younger. But still…49 is pretty rough. If anyone says I look over 45 you’re all fired. Keep it to yourself (last weeks picture doesn’t count! Geez. I need a new selfie).

Plus when I picture the people in those classes I’ll have to admit I imagine this:

Sean thinks I’M bad. Ha.

I told Sean last week that he can never die. Don’t worry. I tell him this all the time. But I told him this and followed it up with the statement that I would have to hire a great tech guy.

He said I’d have to marry another IT guy because I need a lot of help.

Um…what do we say to that, Group???

That’s right…

My goal now is to figure out computers as best I can so I don’t have to marry another IT guy.

IT is great but I need a mechanic, hello. (note: ideas for people to sleep with)

I know. We all should be praying Sean doesn’t die but just in CASE. I always try to have a back up plan. Serves him right.



Reward yourself…run on…

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  1. I am hating your migrain. I hope there is full relief soon! And great job on getting the run in — soul medicine right there.

    1. Me, too! Thanks. I THINK…it might be gone. I am taking it very easy but so far I’m not feeling that ~ha! I’m righthere so don’t get comfy~ feeling. 🙂

    1. Thanks~ Yeah. It’s really sad the amount of education I need. And I just spelled education wrong and had to correct it. That’s pretty sad.

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