A little Botox never hurt anybody. They lied…

  • Yesterday was the best day.  I mean, I didn’t get my mileage in (thankyouHollie) but I own that due to Hollie needing to reschedule and like 400mph winds. Whatever. It is too possible.  Hello, hurricanes. Duh. Nothing exciting happened. I think it was just an easy day. No damage to person places or things. For me, that’s a bonus these days.
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  • Skosh got his bandage changed and when I walked in to the clinic I was greeted with probably six different “SKOSH!  Skosh….SKOSH!” in varying voices. They love him and they love to say his name because it’s fun. It’s like Cheers only without the beer and Ted Danson.
  • I dropped him off and went to my Botox appt. where I once again fell in love with my doctor (don’t worry Baby, you always come first). Why would anyone do this for cosmetic reasons…I mean on purpose? It freakin’ hurts. Of course, I think when you do that you don’t get 30+ shots. That does make it a little worse but still. He heard about my week and helped me out with meds right away givin’ me the hookup. I get the good drugs with the good price (side note, seriously sad health care system if this is how it works. Everyone should get the hookup). He wouldn’t even let me leave his office without taking a sample on the spot. Knowing me, he knew I would have a migraine that day, probably within the hour. He’s patient when I cry. The shots hurt.  Upside…eyebrows seem TOTALLY in control. I’m not flirting with anyone unless I want to.
  •  I got a manicure and a pedicure. I haven’t had my nails done since before Christmas. My system was such a mess my nails have been shredding. It was so nice to have a little nail left. The girl next to me at the salon was also getting a  french manicure. Tramp that she is. We discussed the crazy people that actually get color on their nails and how brave they are. Every time I try it I look at it and think…everyone in the room is looking at me. Then it comes off. I feel like I’m walking around in lingerie. We both go for crazy on our toes instead. I’ve decided I’m the mullet of the nail world. Business on my hands…party on my toes. I picked the prettiest red for my toes. I think I’m wearing I’m Not Really a Waitress.  And it doesn’t lie. I’m not really a waitress. Just when my husband settles in thinking I’m a professional business woman just waiting for a real job to come along…bam. The tramp in me comes out. That’s what keeps me interesting.  All this and red toenails.
  • Today I’m off to visit a friend. Then a 3 mile run because I missed yesterday (totally blowing my first week of training. Genius, right? and Hollie later. Nothing too crazy, right? Snoopy dancing for no migraines…


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  1. I love that color for toes! (and, yes, sadly – I could picture it pretty well without even looking it up. What can I say – it’s a memorable name!)

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