I think this day owns me…

  • It is 65* today and freaking beautiful. What do you DO on a beautiful day like this? Well…I could go for a run. Or maybe I’ll go somewhere and have a run. It’s just so pretty. I don’t even know where to put it in my universe. I would love a few weeks of great snow. But for lack of that…we’ll take this. Maybe I’ll run do the incline in Castle Rock.  The baby incline… because I’m too much of a wuss to do the grown up incline right now. Ha.

  • I got to spend the evening with theboy and we played hide and seek with MT and he ate lots of Jello and graham crackers and we watched Dinosaur Train. And I told him he was my favorite but he can’t tell anybody. It’s a secret. Stunningly, he already knew. sigh. I also told him he definitely wasn’t cute anymore and he said, “yes I am”. Dammit. He’s figured me out.
  • Dishwasher saga continues. I KNOW how fascinated you all are by this. I finally bought one last night online at Home Depot. Relatively painless. Soonest three different stores could deliver it was March 1st. So I chose that store. Ugh. So painful. I no longer care except for the gaping hole in my cupboards.

    you think I’m kidding…there was definitely some praying on this one. I’m so over the dishwasher thing. 

  • Run on…and celebrate your soul today. It’s a good day.

3 Replies to “I think this day owns me…”

    1. Hopefully on the 1st. If the don’t show up I may just cancel that order and take the money and run. RUN BABY RUN.

      1. If it’s not there by the first, just take the money and hire someone to come wash your dishes for you 😉 It might be the more efficient option at that point!

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