The angels were singing…I heard them…

hearing one direction sing gif


Why the excitement???


Because I have a dishwasher!!!! And let me tell you, from purchase on the internet to installation by Adrian (the NICEST GUY EVER) this experience from Home Depot (GO FIGURE) was amazing. I totally recommend. Crazy, right?  I love it. The guy said it was a great dishwasher and then gave me tips on the best fridge for me! I have  a stupid kitchen. I kind of love him…::swoon:: don’t tell Sean.


I bet you are all waiting with anticipation to see how I handled my goal for February…did I get all my steps in.

I categorically did not.

Yeah, I know. Harsh much?

I tried and I will try again.

I got 201,090 steps done. So close. But not.

March is my next effort.

Sean and I just bought a weight bench (be here Friday) so I can work a little harder on my strength training.


Miss G and I met this morning for our first running adventure of the season. She is not a fan of running in the winter cold (as I say that I am bundled in a sweater and sweats, drinking tea and I am wearing a scarf in the house with the heat jacked up. Possible I’m a little chilled.

Five miles done in the chilly Colorado morning.

Run in the morning...


Plans today:

run the dishwasher (BECAUSE  I CAN! I know, I’m crazy like that)

meet with the baby lady to talk about showers. Not the wet kind but the BABY kind

Skosh to the vet for a check up

Meet at Chilis for a bank reunion because we miss each other!

Dance naked through the livingroom to the discomfort of my kid. You’d think he’d be used to it but no.  just seein’ if you’re paying attention.

…..and off to the base for a new ID. Because mine expired in December and I had a giant black eye so yeah. I still have this nasty red scar but whatever. No one’s military ID looks good. Ever.



Run on…in the cool dark morning before the wind…