Do what you love.

I had this incredible epiphany today when I watched a commercial.


All while watching a commercial.

That is crazy…

and my husband fast forwards through commercials because they have no value …whatever

I don’t even remember the commercial. And I didn’t even see the whole thing. I saw the tail end of it. They were talking about really living and going out and spending your life doing things and they showed couples eating at beautiful restaurants and there it was…

my epiphany.

I do not enjoy that.

I didn’t really even before Celiac though I DO love going out with my whole family that is a blast. I love that.

But day to day…there is nothing I love more than just sitting with Sean while we each have our computers and we’re watching our shows and hanging together. It’s our favorite thing.

Why is this an epiphany? Because I am a dreamer. A HUGE dreamer. I want adventure and travel and to do things and to see things and to experience life and I am constantly telling my poor husband “I am going to die on the couch”. In other words I have no life. But I do have a life. I do. It’s small and simple and nothing grand at all. And I love it. I truly do love it. I’d take it over the fancy restaurant in a heartbeat.

I madly love to travel. MADLY. And when we travel we are far more comfortable grabbing takeout and hanging out in the hotel room watching our favorite show while we eat in our jammies on the bed. It’s ridiculous and we love it. No shame. None.

It’s the little things…

My allergies have been going nuts and I can’t take it. I live on Claritin and I finally felt so allergy filled (among other things) that I started googling and check this out.

According to The Patient Celiac there are certain foods that are Histamine releasing and Histamine Rich.  Surprise …the foods I’m living on are all on the list. What a shock. Bananas, avocados, tomatoes, eggs, strawberries, pineapple, and raisins.

Crazy. Of course, it could just be a cold. ha. What are the odds. Either way…lots of Claritin.


Friday is supposed to be my rest day but I’m meeting Miss G for a quick 3 miles  …. I don’t plan on actually working hard at it. It’s going to be the actual dictionary definition of “easy run”. It might be the definition of ~huh…let’s walk and hey…there’s an ice cream shop~. I wish. And in the evening this time. I will actually  get to sleep a bit. I’m beyond excited at the sleeping possibilities and my head is cooperating beautifully.



Run on…do the things that make you happy.