Sweet List >3

It seems like the weeks are flying by and I’m throwing out Sweet Lists as fast as I’m breathing.

  1. Running running running.Not fast or anything but running a lot. I love being out on the road. I do love it.
    Tuesday 2 miles with Malachi run/walking
    Wednesday 5 miles
    Thursday 5 miles
    Friday 3 miles
    Saturday 4 miles walking with Miss Hollie
  2. Sean and I took some time on Saturday to see some of the dogs from the 44th running of the Iditarod. They were at the South Denver campus of CU Boulder. Please note: this is not in Boulder. I figured this out after having my husband drive to Boulder. For those of you who don’t live here…complete opposite sides of the city. Complete opposite. Very very long drives. Good thing he loves me. I clearly didn’t read the entire thing (told you I was a skimmer) but in my defense…who knew there WAS a South campus??  Oh my Lord the moment I realized the address and had to say, “I really hope you love me”.  The dogs were beautiful and we got to meet some amazing rescued wolves who totally stole my heart…Ghost and Waya. Ugh. So pretty. Seriously, Ghost was HUGE and he just laid right down and asked Sean for a belly rub and was so into it..it was hilarious. Beautiful. You can meet them at www.coloradowolfadventures.com.
  3. I have a cold or something. It’s probably allergies but I just don’t feel awesome. I have been running a low grade fever for at least a day. I spent the day sleeping off and on.  Why is this sweet? Because sleeping.
  4. I bought myself a Galloway timer for running to help out with my long runs and now I have a new toy. MT the child (a grown man) is figuring it out as we speak. Not MT the state. Just to clarify for those of you who have mixed that up in the past. I’m talking to you, Ria.
  5. Clementines. Otherwise known as Cuties. Because we love them. And they are sweet. And delicious.
  6. Sean did the taxes yesterday. Who doesn’t love the feeling of having them DONE?  It’s not very hard but still…such a relief to have that done and points for not owing anything. THAT happened a few times. Not too friendly there.
  7. Day 27 of the Whole30…yes Folks…home stretch here. Though I don’t really feel like ~oh thank GOD it’s almost over!~ so I’m not sure how I’ll do at the end. I will give an update.
  8. Friday Night Lights. We’re marathoning it on Netflix and we are hopelessly addicted. Did I already tell you guys that? It’s a wonder we get any sleep at all. As soon as one ends on a cliffhanger moment the next one starts and it takes unbelievable willpower to not go to the next one.
  9. Harry Potter Marathon.  It’s ridiculous. I needed something to watch yesterday when I was working in the kitchen and turned on the tv and there it was….I was hooked. HOOKED> Five movies later and that was it. I missed a few at the beginning but that’s okay because really you can start anywhere and be just as satisfied. #potterforlife
  10. I’m following Ben Davis (@bendoeslife) on Instagram as he walks across the United States. Some of you might remember him as the guy who lost 120 pounds and posted this amazingly inspirational video and created the “Do Life” movement. Well if you continued to follow him then you know…he’s human and he lost everything and had to start from scratch. Wrote a terrible book, married and divorced, gained back all of his weight and did this under the public scrutiny of the internet trolls that are the devil. He tried, he hung in there, he’d come back occasionally and then fail again. But something this time seemed to work. Things are going well and it’s good to watch. I like happy endings and I like to see stories where people are human. So he is posting on Instagram as he walks every day from sea to shining sea. He’s only on day ten and he’s already had a few glitches but he’s handling them well. His mom is scared for him (normal). And he’s afraid of the dark (me too).  Check it out.
  11. I bought a new bag at Ross. I like Ross for bags because they have a million different kinds and they are all very reasonably priced. This one was the best version they had for what I was looking for. It is a BCBG bag which I don’t love but only because it has that giant gold BCBG charm on it. But I’m trying to figure out how I can just cut that sucker off or leave it hanging inside the bag. It’s not that bit of a deal. It’s a great bag. I usually carry very small bags but when I run a lot of errands I need a bigger bag for the paperwork. This fit the bill. But when I got it home I found it came with another bag inside of it. Bonus two bags! That was totally worth the $24.95. Good job, Ross. Good job.
    Reversible Tote with Matching Convertible Bag, 25-55692537, It's two great bags to use together or separately! This bag is reversible and can be worn both ways. The large tote has two shoulder straps with 11" drop. Inside there's a convertible zip-top bag with a removable crossbody/shoulder strap. The zip-top bag has two open pockets and one zipper pocket inside for organization. BCBG Paris, Main View, T360x450source
  12. I’m on a self imposed ~don’t talk to people~ stint and it’s going quite nicely. I bet that sounds quite rude and it’s not meant to. It just means I need some downtime and the downtime is SO lovely. I’m just living in my own head (scary I know) and it’s been really nice to just hang out and be busy and not be crazy. Of course, I’m in my own head so who knows, I could be crazy and I just don’t recognize it.
  13. And the reason this post is so late…Skosh had to have a surgical consult. Yep. Can’t make this little adventure up, can you? But it looks like he’s finally cleared. He’s not 100% yet and he’ll be rehabbing it for the next month before he can go outside but against the odds he does not have to have surgery (think…ramps for cats!). My poor little cat has had a rough experience but he’s doing okay and now he just needs to rest and get better. He’s become far more loving and hangs right next to me more than he ever did before. A blessing in the midst of this unhappy little mess.
    Skosh is sleepin’ on my Sweet List notepad. Definitely not helpful or conducive to getting work done.