Having a Ferris Bueller day thankyouverymuch. Wish I could dance in the street…

But they take you away for things like that now I think…

I am not functioning well. Ugh.

I mean, I am, but I’m not. I just crashed (fell asleep~thankyouCeliacandormigrainemeds~good luck reading THAT one. HA) on the counter and I feel a little rough so I think I’m taking a day off. So sorry!

ferris buellers day off matthew broderick bueller hooky hookie

depressed sick ill kill me ferris buellers day off


On a side note, in the amount of time it’s taken me to get lost in the amazing vortex of Ferris Bueller gifs I now feel a little better. NEVERTHELESS! (must be shouted with arm thrown in the air to make a point with excitement)… a day off is necessary. Because I can.

Seven miles done this morning (the culprit I suspect..indirectly causing this little migraine fest)…four with Miss G and three on my own. I’ll talk to you guys tomorrow when I will do a quick recap of my Whole30. Yep. Today is my last day. I KNOW>

Seems like just yesterday. 

Meanwhile…do something. Get up and move.

Walk. Run. Bike. Elliptical. Hike. Dance. 

It’s a beautiful day and every day we need to do something to remind the world that WE ARE HERE>

"Eat well, sweat often, and laugh your ass off." -Adam Rosante:

Run on…