Sweet List <3

  1.  My dishwasher plays music when it’s done. A little tune…
  2. My weight bench showed up and it’s so pretty. Now I need to use it. #mustgetmotivated
  3. I bought the most beautiful dresser on our Facebook yard sale and I got it for only $50. No kidding. It’s incredible.
    I know the photo is a little dark but you get the gist…
  4. I finished the Whole30. I think I’ll start it again…yesterday. #feelingyucky #cleaneating
  5. I’ve been getting my 10,000 steps in nearly every day and some days are over that. Bonus steps…
  6. Started my quilt projects. Much much cutting. So much.
  7. Birthday dinner out for Megan with her family and our family. We had a great time…Dave and Busters…wow. Chuck E. Cheese for grown ups. Sensory overload for sure.
  8. I have my class this morning…I hope it’s four hours of interesting. And I need a run.
  9. My sweet husband. I know that’s an easy one but I’m particularly fond of him so I occasionally feel the need to remind people he’s better than your average husband, that’s all.
  10. Major shower planning. I spent hours and hours on Saturday cramming for the shower and I feel much more grounded about the whole thing. I’m pretty much doing it on my own as my help is very sporadic so I was starting to feel a little out of control but somehow I grabbed it and found it. Feeling much better.
  11. These abandoned places …  ~source
  12. Sold something else from my ~must sell all the things~ pile. In case you’re wondering, I am not rolling in money yet.  As I typed this…I sold something else. Bonus!
  13. I bought a workout program and I have an opportunity to try a new strength training class. Both are great options for me and I’m looking hard at them. #classesscareme #nocoordination #justdoit #thankyounike