Sweet List <3

  1.  A great experience at the vet with Malachi and some hope that maybe he’ll be feeling better soon. He already seems better with the pins out of his knee. And you have to love this picture:  (insert gratuitous photo of the puppy you guys have already seen but really…it’s so cute…okay I’m done I swear)
  2. Theboy came and hung out for the night with us and he continues to be a blast. We love his little self and his little sass and attitude. It’s pretty freakin’ hilarious. He got up this morning and put on his dinosaur costume~ which he calls his Godzilla costume~ and immediately became Godzilla. It was magic. He then referred to himself as Godzilla for the rest of the day. This is a picture of Godzilla at Halloween. He comes to visit us every once in a awhile…
  3. Um…first day of spring. Yaassss.

  4. Alex Michael’s girlfriend, Megan, loves photos documenting life. I will occasionally make fun of this but mostly….I love it. Because I get this:
    I mean…really. That is my boy right there.  I KNOW. You should see the other two! I’m pretty freakin’ lucky. 
  5. I took that class, I feel pretty confident about it and I’m going to sign up for the next one. Might as well use that brain, right?
  6. I’m struggling to see (Celiac changes your vision and so does getting older…pretty fun.) so I made an appt to get my eyes checked and I”m excited to think I may actually be able to see again soon. Glasses or no, at least I’ll have something. Relief maybe. But really…don’t mess with my reading. I don’t even think that’s funny. I need to be able to read. 
  7. Fresh sweet strawberries. 
  8. Miss Norma came over and we spent a ridiculous amount of time trying to figure something out on her Cricut. This isn’t really important except that I got to see her! I miss her cute face. 
    Isn’t she just the cutest thing ever? She’s a mermaid. 
  9. The invitations are FINALLY FINISHED. I know. Can you believe it? I needed 70 completed invitations. I think by the time we were done there were probably about 400. Ridiculous. So many of them were messed up it was awful. But the girl printing them worked hard to get it right.  One more thing down  So much to do. I cannot tell you how many lists I have. SO MANY LISTS>

  10. I ran on Saturday on the treadmill (it was pretty awful but at least I got it done) and I ran yesterday and I got five miles done. I’m hoping it’ll jumpstart me and I’ll start to feel better. If it doesn’t, I’m calling my doctor and asking for a blood test to see if it’s my numbers off. I still feel pretty great just getting the run done. It was a SLOW run but it was good. Any run is really good.
  11. We had a family breakfast today (minus Alex and Megan) and after chocolate chip pancakes and bacon and sausage and potatoes and eggs and cinnamon rolls and strawberries and whipped cream and orange juice and coffee and it was really delicious and I bet you think I ate all that but I didn’t. I ate virtually none of that because I can’t. But after all of that…everyone went home and Sean and I hung out and just…Sundayed.
    Innicas agents of shield cal best day ever Kyle McLaughlin
  12. I know I’ve posted this before but I cannot just watch ten minutes of Friday Night Lights. It is freakin’ addictive. Addictive. I start it and pretty soon I’m four episodes in and asking Sean at midnight….just one more episode???
  13. Netflix and Amazon Fire stick. My life is so much better with all this fabulous television. Shut up. I am not addicted. 

2 Replies to “Sweet List <3”

  1. I LOVE Friday Night Lights, too. I recently bing-watched it and was the same way. Just one more episode! Of course, I pretty much live where it took place so that was kinda fun, too. Sounds like the perfect Sunday, Godzilla and all!

    1. We were super late to the Friday Night Lights party!! I’ve been hearing about it for years and didn’t know! I feel so out of it. But now I’m enlightened and oh my gosh! You are definitely in the loop all…bein’ from Texas. It’s like you’re THERE. I could watch that stinkin’ show all day. Sean actually wants to sleep.


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