Eye of the beholder and all that.

The word beautiful really messes with us. Society (ugh THAT word) has us thinking super model, famous actor, superstar…and all photoshopped to perfection is the beautiful we must be. I think we have two different versions of beautiful. There’s  Jennifer Aniston beautiful and no, she doesn’t ever age. Yes, she’s beautiful and nice. She’s nice. And yes. I do get tired of hearing about it because she is the girl next door which puts her on an everyday level and thus…why don’t we all look like her…if she can do it there must be something wrong with us and there is. We’re not that beautiful. I get it. I suck. I should love her like everybody does. Don’t judge me. It’s a love/hate relationship.

And there’s your own story beautiful. Which is my favorite. Because everyone has their own beautiful. And everyone deserves to hear it because it’s such a lovely word and so underused. But people think…well…you’re no Jennifer.

It’s okay…because I’m my own kind of beautiful with my own unique scars ~oh my Lord the scars~ and history and Jen has nothin’ on me.
Think about that and remember that everyone is beautiful. Don’t be stingy with your compliments. Your friends, your kids, your family should hear it. Because it makes them feel as special as they are. 





I’ve been telling all of you but you don’t believe me. ::shakeshead:: Now you have actual proof.


I saw this on Facebook…

first comment? “ADHD summed up”…So true.


I was overtaken with a migraine yesterday and went to bed at a ridiculously early ~my Lord how old am I again?~ hour of the night. I knew at some point in my life I’d be going to bed before the sun set but I’d hoped it was when my hair was grey (oh wait…I think I’m there…whatever….only her hairdresser knows for sure…shut up. You’re not supposed to tell). I woke up like…fourteen times in the middle of the night but managed to keep going back to sleep thankheavens. This morning I only had a smidge of a headache and only a few bits and parts of my everything hurt. Gotta love migraines.

List of life today:

Baby shower stuff.

retweaking my training plan…again…because I’m broken. Am I the only broken one OUT THERE??

Random shopping.

Mapping where I go. (I know you’re thinking…what??)

Yesterday when I went shopping I had somewhere really important to go to pick up a gift for someone and I thought I knew where I was but apparently the “I need to turn right” was wrong because I absolutely ended up going the complete opposite direction of where I needed to be. The odd thing was I really didn’t think I was going the wrong direction. It didn’t help how much my head hurt. I ended up miles and miles from where I was supposed to be and just went home. It was so wrong.

Why must I be so directionally challenged?

And then running this evening when it’s cooler.  (And so it begins…)

My last two runs have been very very slow thus encouraging me to consider calling my doctor. Man I feel very screwed up and exhausted…I cannot tell you how exhausted. Isn’t that crazy? How totally different I can feel in two weeks. TWO WEEKS. I feel really awful. But I’m pushing through to see if I can flip the switch back and if I can’t in the next week…I’m calling.


Run on…