Gettin’ it done and running, too. Look at me.

I know, I know. Arrogance will bite me in the ass. Don’t worry…I’m not there yet.
Yesterday I had a mad running errands day where I finished the centerpieces!!


Invitations are addressed, stamped and ready to mail.

Flowers are being cut and curled and glued to go on favors and we are on a roll for this little event.

SO. much to do.

I spent TWO HOURS on the phone with Miss Monica Sue my very best friend in California yesterday.

yes, I know that’s the worst sentence in the world but whatever.

She’s my very bestest Germany friend. That’s where I met her…when Sean and I were stationed in Germany. She’s a part of our family. We get on the phone and will talk for two or three hours. But we only do it once a year..max twice. It’s in everybody’s best interest. Ha.

Monica and Mike

This picture is like…five years old of her and her husband but it was the first one it would let me grab. This is Mike, her second husband. That’s important because her older kids are slightly younger than mine but her YOUNGER kids (yes that’s right folks, she did it again) are like…11 and 9? The girl did it again and is right now going through her second round of soccer games. HA. I’m kind of laughing at her. Yep. She said the soccer mom’s are her older sons age. It’s…not her favorite. sigh…But you couldn’t tell because she’s freakin’ darling, right?  I know.

I’m still kind of laughing.


Today I’m off with Miss Andrea because I can.

Four miles today…it was hot. But SO pretty. I only stopped a half billion times because did I mention it was hot? I think my doctor forgot me. I still haven’t heard from her. A phone call might be in order…it doesn’t usually take this long for a test result. She may be so over me. Whatever…

I am going to relish in the beautiful weather and take some drugs (I have a migraine that’s only mildly trying to kill me) and off to have lunch. Lunch with my friend. MY FRIEND> I love her.


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When i exercise, i wear all black. it's like a funeral for my fat. #19724:

Run on…and it’s okay to wear black.’s really the only  color I own. Remember black is classic…or that’s what I tell myself 

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