Absence makes the heart grow fonder, right?

  • After I ran Wednesday I got a migraine. Relatively normal and usually we hope I don’t but I did.  It hit hard and fast and stuck with me, I couldn’t shake it. I kept it through this morning, like that guest that overstays his welcome. There’s no blogging for sure. There’s no anything…Between that and my iffy internet it’s a mess over here. A MESS.
  • My migraine kept me from running yesterday (sometimes I can run it out or just have some peace while running but not this time). It was bad enough I couldn’t really focus on anything else so I thought I’d just run errands but even that proved too hard. I hung out in the kitchen and made some paper flowers for the baby shower, cleaned the kitchen, did some laundry and even tried a nap. All with no success. In the end my stalling on my run proved not helpful and I ended up just resting.
  • I went to Nordstrom Rack Wednesday (before the head disaster hit) and bought a pair of jeans that started out $198. ONE HUNDRED NINETY EIGHT DOLLARS. Multiply that times 2.5 and you have what my first car cost. That’s crazy. It’s a pair of jeans.  I’ll condense this story. Andrea convinced me I’m smart with clothes and I’ll keep the $90 jeans for like…10 years so it’s an investment. I went to buy them and the angel at the register took like…half off. Because he’s an angel. Also he told me if you’re ever waffling on something, tell them. They’ll probably give you a deal.
    This is what $190 jeans look like. I know. They look like $34 jeans. But they feel amazing so I guess they’re worth it. And they have that big fat security thing on them because they cost half of a small car from MT. 
  • Denver was 77* yesterday. Tomorrow we’re expecting a spring storm to drop 15″ to 17″. You have to love to the weather here.
  • I searched forever and EVERYWHERE for a pink trench and couldn’t find one I liked.  I finally asked a few places for advice and both places shot you guys down (sorry) and voted for my jean jacket idea. Here’s the funny part…I didn’t even tell them the jean jacket idea. They suggested it when I told them what I was wearing. Since I can find a million jean jackets and even own one that will do in a pinch…I’m going that route. I did find this trench:
    and it’s BEAUTIFUL…it is like…butter. Oh my gosh.  I seriously picked it up and thought..done. This coat is MINE. It’s light as a t-shirt. Soft like brushed twill. I cannot tell you how pretty. It’s perfect. It’s $180. Yes, that’s right. $180. Now, I know you’re thinking…but the jeans! Yeah…no. I didn’t pay $180 for jeans and I sure as hell am not paying $180 for a little pink trench. It’s a crazy ass cost. I’m apparently far too cheap. 
  • I have to go. I have to run before I lose my mind or my migraine decides to come back. Sorry I’ve been gone so much. Migraines. Internet. It’s a conspiracy.

    Run on…average or super hero…get it done. And may you be migraine free like me. ::knockonwood::

2 Replies to “Absence makes the heart grow fonder, right?”

  1. That pink jacket is DARLING! So worth the money, you would wear it forever! Also, the jean picture is great! And no, I am not just saying that cause I am your Mom.

    1. Ha. The jeans were pretty fun. I NEVER splurge like that on anything but shoes but man…they were comfortable and I’ve been desperate for a pair of jeans that fit great. I also want a nice dressy pair of jeans that are a good boot cut but I have to look somewhere else. Meanwhile…this pair was meant for me. And the Nordstrom guy apparently was in my head and knew I’d feel guilty for like…ever. As for the jacket…it was beautiful. But I’m just couldn’t pull the trigger. I didn’t even waffle though. Sometimes I’ll waffle for a minute and I didn’t even consider it. It was just crazy expensive.

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