Sweet List <3

  1. When the 20.1 inches of snow is falling  and the sun is out it was the most beautiful  sight you’ve ever seen. The sun and the snow and everything was so bright and shiny and it looked like when you shake the best snowglobe ever, the most perfect snowglobe. #magicinabox 
  2. Jolly Time Kettle Corn popcorn. It’s gluten free and it actually says it on the package so I don’t have to search for it or Google or anything like that and it’s sweet which I LOVE and it’s one serving size which is awesome and it’s crunchy which is really what I want and it makes popcorn palatable. #sodelicious #crunchyismything
  3. Shopping day and lunch with Andrea. We ate our favorite lunch (they should just have it waiting for us…and they should know us by name) and then we shopped. Yes…the $90 jeans that were only about half that. Nice. #reallyIjustneedandrea
  4. Netflix. #completelyaddicted #watchedallweekend #noreallyallweekend
  5. I’ve been pretty regularly managing a run every other day. I’m so tired.   And I’m banking far too many hours in bed at night or napping during the day and definitely not able to get a run  in without stopping far too often or even a run over five miles (ha I’m grateful to run) but one step at a time…(as I yawn). #stillrunning 
  6. So many paper roses. Doesn’t that sound like a song? It’s not though. It’s little red paper roses for party favors. I finished cutting 216 of them today. Now to finish gluing them. That odd feeling when you’re good at something you don’t necessarily love.  #embraceyourgifts #crafting #workinonabudget #downtherabbithole
  7. I had a list of three really important things to get done this weekend and I got two of them so…that’s mostly good? #progress
  8. MT bought me tires. Because he wants to make sure I am safe and taken care of and I’m the queen of stall on things like that. And even though he works at Discount Tires it still cost him quite a bit so it was a lovely gift on many levels. #favoritechild #thisweek
  9. sarchotic
  10. I was trying to find a hotel for next weekend and came upon this review:
    “Clean room, comfortable bed and good experience. FYI, if you follow the Expedia directions to this hotel, you will end up at the Montana State Women’s Prison. Use some other app to get there.” #entertainingreviews #helpfulinformation


MT and I have to go see a man about a horse (or a nice girl about selling his car (it’s gettin’ real…he’s leaving soon…) so I am cutting the list short this week.


Run on…slogging, running, speedy, slow, turtle, walking occasionally, kicking ass, getting it done…take care of you. Nobody cares. Run your own race in life.