We drove to MT and Theboy entertained us with “isms”

it’s an 8 hour drive to MT from Denver and we left fairly late in the morning. MT (my son not the state) and I had many things to do to including picking up  Theboy so it took us a little while to get it all organized and set and some of it just couldn’t be done until a set time. Couldn’t be helped so we opted to not stress about it. Get there when we can and have a great road trip.

We picked up the rental car, fought with the child restraint seat (even at five years old and nearly as tall as I am ~there is no possible way I’m exaggerating~ he still rides in that seat) and drove to the new house. By “new” I mean they closed on it Thursday. It was built in 1915. It’s really quite beautiful. So we had to tour the house before we left so we could see all the fabulousness…

And then off we went to far and adventurous places.

We were on the road for nearly twenty WHOLE minutes when a little voice from the back seat said, “are we in MT yet?”

LOL…um…no.  We’re not out of Denver yet.

Ten minutes later…”are we in MT yet?”

hehe…um…no.  Still in Denver.

roughly ten minutes later….”are we in MT yet?”  Can we let you know when we’re out of Denver?

Dude. It’s going to be a long drive. Settle in.

movie, popcorn and a drink…doesn’t get better than that. *these are kid headphones that lower the volume for safe listening and excellent overhearing of adult conversations…;) * 


Are we in MT yet? (probably eleven times)

Are we in Wyoming? (how does he know there IS a wyoming?)

Did the car just fart? (this was after  construction sent us to the ridges on the side of the road)

I’m almost out of popcorn. *sigh* I’m hungry

This was one of my favorites…we were crossing over into MT and he stopped looking at the movie and looked out the window and said, “can you stop here because I want to get out and play”. ~yes…that’s how beautiful MT is…


I got up this morning and ran a quick 3 miles (a little more) but nowhere near the 4 miles I thought I was doing because I do math good.

At least I got a run in and it was 50* and overcast in Billings.

Yes, I ordered it.

The perfect weather.

It’s okay, I know you’re jealous.

We’re running far too any errands today and then we’re off to a family wedding so this is short and sweet!

I’m sure we’ll have photos that do not show him doing this all weekend long but for now…this HAS been our view of him.



too often - we forget to take care of ourselves first. Then we wonder why we run out of gas.:

Run on…for the good of you…