This confirms it…nothing I do is normal…

I have one of the strangest symptoms of all for my migraines. Everyone talks about the “aura” and being sensitive to lights and nausea…all very common symptoms of migraines. I have or have had all of these things. But I have one truly whack symptom and there is no way to really put this one in a descriptive box.

My skin hurts. I mean HURTS. Like…OHMYGOSHIHAVEADISEASEORSOMETHING hurts. It used to hurt just on my jawline and it would be very tender if I even tried to touch it. I remember kind of thinking…huh…I wonder if I’m getting a migraine. And that was how I put it together. Now it’s escalated and the skin over my ribs hurt…all along my ribcage…the back of my shoulders…the back of my neck…it’s strange the parts that do hurt but it’s all over and it’s unbelievable. It’s not like you have to make an effort…just a brush of the skin and it’s the most painful thing ever.

I try not to do that. 

This morning I Googled “why is my skin sensitive” (shut up, sometimes you have to get creative in your Googling) symptoms and found this:


Migraines can cause throbbing sensation or a pulsing sensation in one part of the head for hours to days. Migraines can also cause nausea, vomiting, extreme sensitivity to heat, light and pressure. Sometimes even a gentle touch to the skin on face or combing hair can cause pain if you have a severe migraine headache. ~source

Migraine – People who suffer from migraine may experience skin pain even when they are just combing their hair or wearing a necklace. ~source

So apparently this is very normal and after all these years I just never knew it was normal.  Years of reading just never produced the information that Oh my gosh my skin is like…on fire with pain. I can’t even describe how sensitive it is. It’s so weird. My meds lessen it to a degree which is lovely but information is important. I love having information. Knowledge is power.


My phone keeps notifying me of my flight today and of the weather in Pittsburgh. I’m so sad~  Because MT is leaving a month sooner than expected, I canceled my trip to Pitt. I don’t regret that for a second but I do miss going. It’s an annual trip and I will miss those girls so much. Apparently it’s going to be raining so I won’t miss that. But they will have SO much fun. I expect lots of photos…


It’s snowing. Remember I told you guys it was coming? Well, it’s here. I’m putting a smile on my face. We always need the moisture, right? Looks like the treadmill for me. I considered running outside but I’m very cold already thanks to the headache so I’m opting for the treadmill.

Also…I’m over the snow. Don’t tell anyone.


Photos from this weekend…

Theboy took this~

Uncle MT calming a crying boy

this look on his face cracks me up. Theboy being the most goofy of all…hilarious.

I’m still running…