The countdown.

  • MT leaves us in 6 days. Technically 7 but we say goodbye on Sunday. Pretty rude of him. Raise him, feed him, provide clothing, a room and a bed, a lovely home and the rotten teenager ditches your ass faster than you can say “just join the Marines why don’t you!” and he’s gone. So.rude.
  • Did I mention he gets his associates degree the day before? He’s kind of an awesome kid. Too bad I like him so much.
  • We spent the weekend hangin’ with the family.  On Sunday we had breakfast at LePeep (it’s my favorite) and then hung out at Shaughnessy and Adam’s new house just talking about nothing in particular and laughing about everything ridiculous.  Shaughnessy found a very sketch sectional on Craigslist so they all got in their cars and ran over to the even sketchier guy’s house and grabbed it and let me tell you….watching these guys attempting to get this couch into the basement of the house built in 1947…it was entertaining.  They did it. Took the french doors off, the feet off the couch and the railings off the stairs. That couch is in there forever. Hope she likes it.
  • MT is detailing my car. It’s not dirty it’s just “messy” with lots of nitnoid little things. As he gatherered my little things he came across this:
    yep…that’s 8 pens and a carpenter’s pencil. You can thank Alex for the pencil. But I don’t give it back because it reminds me of my dad. The pens…that’s just my own neurosis. What if I don’t have one in the car and I really really need one? So I grab another. In case you’re wondering about the cup….it’s one of those $.99 cups you can get at the grocery store but it fits in my cupholder as general “hold all”. And I like purple and black. Jeeps, you  know, are bare bones.
    You should see my purse… Bet you $100 there are six pens in there right now. Sigh…I have a problem. 
  • It is a high of 55* today and no snow in the forecast (well…on Friday it’s supposed to rain but we’re not thinking about Friday). You think that’s no big deal?  It has snowed/rained/sleeted for three straight days. It’s been crazy wet.  One commenter wrote “I was starting to mold“. So true. So very true.  You should SEE my grass…it’s incredible.
  • It’s been two weeks on the new scrip and so far…I’m not feeling amazing and renewed. I know you’re all shocked. Am I trusting my doctor? Well…no. But I’m humoring her because she did say if I don’t feel better to let her know and they’ll tweak it again. I will be taking her up on that because I’m pretty much unconscious. Good Lord I’m exhausted all the freaking time. All.the.time. I did not miss this when my numbers had found their lovely sweet spot.
  • This weekend was the half marathon in Pitt that I do every year and this year I canceled because I wanted to spend some last minute days with MT. It’s a wonderful race that takes you all around the city crossing all their bridges. This year though…muggy and wet. Darn…so sorry I had to miss it! Those girls did GREAT. They had a great time and missed me so much! That’s what I tell myself.. 🙂 They texted me the whole time and I definitely felt included. Look how cute they are?  So cute and so kickin’ ass.
  • Good article on Celiac Disease- 6 Celiac Disease Myths You Shouldn’t Believe
  • Shooting this out to you guys and then off to enjoy a beautiful run on this gorgeous day. It’s a big week for us and we’re going to enjoy as much of MT (thekid) as we can even though he’s being awful and leaving us.


I am here…still running. Not fast. not far. But running and that’s all that matters. Run on…

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