When your kids leaves for Boot camp.

Saturday my kid graduated from college because he’s awesome like that.

But I told you guys that already. Old news.

The weekend was hard. Stressful.  Tensions were running high and we were crazy busy.

I’m going to be honest and say the love was not always flowing. This blog is not Facebook perfect.

Something seemed off the entire weekend and Sean and I remarked over and over that the “off” was so strange and seemed to affect everybody. It was kind of awful.

But it was all about spending as much quality~ obnoxious in your face how irritating can you people be it’s a good thing we love you~ time together before MT leaves us for the Marines. Which he did…last night. Everyone else said goodbye to him yesterday but we’re waiting until today. We drove him to the hotel to check him in and left him for the night. Today we saw him for a few hours before he left to board the plane for San Diego.

And then he’s gone for the next 13 weeks. This is probably the only time I don’t like the number 13. He’ll get back for a quick visit and  after that and then gone again for more training over the next year.

My house is already so very quiet. His room doesn’t even look like his room.  I was really maxed out with anxiety yesterday. We went to church where MT served one more time and they gave him a beautiful send off blessing and I cried ridiculously. It was just what I needed. At that point…I felt my anxiety lifting a little. I was definitely still going to miss him but my anxiety was taking over me and I cannot tell you how awful it felt, how overwhelming and worried I was.

An impromptu breakfast with the boys and that helped even more because Sean and Alex talked to him and really…could that be any better? Tips from guys who have already been to basic? Nope. Nothing better.

There was a quick stop at the recruiters office which we won’t talk about because that place is unfriendly and stresses me out.

But somehow at that point my anxiety really just disappeared almost completely.  I had been praying and God was definitely with me. But I have such confidence in MT. He’s so strong and good and capable. New things are hard and always scary but I just have really great faith in him. He’s an amazing young man. We’re so lucky. In three months he’s going to come out of this the other side only more amazing. I don’t know how that is possible but I believe it’s true.

See how confident I am?

Yeah…I’m a big talker. I became a weeping mess when we got to MEPS to see him off. It was kind of sad and awful.

Nevertheless, he’s gone and we’re home and now we’re moving on.

photos from the weekend:

IMG_20160508_111930   IMG_20160508_112025950_HDR

IMG_20160508_205830 (1)    IMG_20160508_204636

And of course, in case anyone forgot…yesterday was Mother’s Day. Eliot was on his best behavior. Saturday he was not. But Sunday, Papa Sean  found a turtle and that entertained him for the entire day.

IMG_20160508_141645694 (1)

And Adam (who is hilarious) decided his name should be Duke Shellington. Honestly I laugh everytime I thing of it. Seriously.

This is a random post so I will try to be more on the ball tomorrow when I’m not all sad and all. Because tomorrow ALL the sad will be GONE>

Uh huh…


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    1. Thank you so much. You know what I didn’t get? A single picture on his graduation day. It was awful. I missed every single picture on his graduation day. I can’t even think about it.

      Also, not one picture of all my kids together. But the ones I got are really good so I’m happy for that!

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