It’ll get easier, right? What…missing MT? Or running? Hmm…

  • This was day two of MT being gone. Are we counting? No. But he only left two days ago so yeah. It’s easy to count that. Is it still hard? It is. His bedroom light is still on. His alarm clock went off and woke up Sean. His laundry is in the dryer. I miss his face all the time. When I come home, I look for his car in front of the house. I start to text him during the day to ask him questions and just tell him random things. I know he’s alive and well but his absence is definitely in our face. When Alex left it was the same palpable absence. Shaughnessy and Adam moved to Pittsburgh (and had a baby) and that was hard. But we could call anytime. We could write and email and chat and send packages and go visit. Remember…#radiosilence.

*flashback to my little Musketeer* And it’s not even Thursday…

  • I headed out to do a quick run tonight and because I am feeling so awesome these days  ::sarcasm:: I treated myself to any kind of run I wanted. I ran. I walked. I ran. I walked. I ran. I ran some more. I did whatever I wanted. It was nice to have no pressure at all. It was just a nice easy run. I made sure to get in 10,000 steps at the end of the day and the run was just over 3.5 miles. Not all of it, but most of it running~
  • I finished wrapping the napkins for the baby shower. They’re wrapped in Alice in Wonderland quotes and sealed with roses. I think they turned out SO pretty. I did 75 of them though I’m certain we won’t need anything like that. It’ll be nice to have the back ups.
  • I figured out that I haven’t really gained all the weight I thought I had. I simply have a weird little symptom where my stomach bloats like I’m six months pregnant no matter what I eat. Banana? Thankyou I will grow a small baby tummy…protein bar? Sure…of course those pants don’t need to fit. And on and on. Ridiculous. So frustrating. None of my pants fit and for sure none of my dress pants. That’s not awkward at all. You should have seen me on graduation day. I had figured out what I was wearing and I got up and put on my cute little short pants to wear with my GORGEOUS new heels and the pants were SKIN TIGHT OH MY GOSH YOU HAVE NO IDEA. Man…they didn’t even want to go over my thighs (my first clue it wasn’t just bloating …yikes perhaps I need to exercise more and clearly my numbers are whack I ALWAYS gain when my numbers are whack but isn’t that what I’ve been saying? nobody listens to me) . I was SO sad because I Really Love Those Pants. Alas, I put them in donation because I never keep anything that doesn’t fit it’s just depressing. The shoes though…damn those are pretty. Meanwhile I grabbed my FAT dress pants. Come on…you know what those are. Every woman I know has Fat Pants. Right? The pants that Fit No Matter What. Well People…I put those on and they…sigh…barely fit. These suckers fit snug. They have pockets on the butt and suffice it to say…my butt looked pretty good in those pants because those pants were fitting me. They were FITTING me. Anyone that knows me knows I like things a little baggy and these were definitely NOT. I was depressed. I have to get moving. I have to get my numbers right. And, don’t hurt me, I have to eat more. I don’t eat anything when I get like this so I’ve lived on like…nothing. I did have a little salad today though! Progress.


Run on…be, get, stay healthy. 

3 Replies to “It’ll get easier, right? What…missing MT? Or running? Hmm…”

  1. Bloating is the worst. Ugh ugh ugh. I so feel your pain. (I’m currently wearing leggings for that reason).

    And now I have that song stuck in my head… Everybody’s talking ’bout my tight pants…. 😉

    1. I legit had never heard that song. I learned it when I found the GIF. Hilarious right? I seem to be better so I’m wondering if it’s related somewhat to getting glutened? or my numbers being off? Or both? I also recently got glutened and I’ve been ITCHING LIKE CRAZY it’s so fun I know you’re jealous. I was standing there talking to Sean while I ran my fingers over my shirt scratching my chest and to his credit he didn’t say anything. I told him he must not feel good (he has a cold) because he TOTALLY let that one go. He said he almost said something but he really doesn’t feel good. LOL Itching…I’m over it.

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