I have no heart. Cold as ice. Mostly.

  • Dominos Pizza to the rescue…best story ever.
  • 31 People Who Are Really Nailing This Whole Marriage Thing.  I love it. Also..#13 is hilarious and totally my favorite. Coincidence that it’s #13?…I think not.
  • Kind Bars get their Healthy Label back.  Score one for the little guy who fights for his rights.
  • Sean and I joined a closed page for the parents of recruits. Don’t judge me by this moment of honesty but I have to say as much as we miss MT, and we do, I really mostly worried he was in pain and missing us.I don’t like to think of my kid suffering. So when I read the page (ugh, this is the bad part, the part where I hear my mother say “don’t put anything on the internet you don’t want everyone to read” and I do it anyway. Now all the moms are going to hunt me down~momentarily reassured by the fact that I have the smallest blog following ever…I love you guys!)  anyway, when I read the page,  some of these moms can barely get out of bed. They are seriously suffering some kid withdrawal! I have no heart. I am cold cold hearted. This is not a shock. I have said this for years.
    I didn’t suffer when I sent those little buggers (bugger/children…same thing) to kindergarten. They were so happy to go I was happy to let them. And with each step out the door they took I was PROUD of them. Yes, I missed them but my kids have always been so independent I was happy for them and I always just figured I’d done something right.  I always knew they would come back to me so it wasn’t like I was losing them. I enjoyed those steps they took out the door. They were so excited! Okay, to be fair, this time MT wasn’t SUPER excited but you know, he would be. He’d get there. It’ll be worth it.
    The recruit page shows us a calendar of what he’s doing what week and videos of what’s happening so that’s enlightening. Social media. Life isn’t “behind closed doors” anymore.  And I feel pretty good about what’s going on and life for him is busy. He’s busy and tired and he’ll get to us when he has time. Right now his focus is elsewhere. And I know MT, he’s all business.scan0006
    Oh my gosh LOOK AT THAT FACE! You can’t help but love it. Melt. He is SO grown up and always has been. Forgive the quality…it’s a beautiful photo but this is a scanned version from an awkward position in my scanner.
  • I spent the morning on the phone and on email trying to rearrange appointments (with zero success, frustration) so I am going to run later tonight. I have a long list of things to do that MUST be done. I need to get in a good four mile run to feel good tonight. And yes..I’m still in my “if I feel like walking, I will” phase. It’s a lovely place to be and I think I’ll keep myself there as long as I need to. No pressure, just staying comfortable. Because running is for joy and not for pressure. NO PRESSURE>

Run on…and take care of yourself. It’ll feel good inside and out. 

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    1. You’d think so, but I’m so cold hearted I haven’t even looked at it. Cold. No heart. Ice.

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