• It POURED rain today. I love the rain. But maybe some sprinkles mixed in I mean…POURED RAIN. So much water. My lawn is happy. My cat not so much. My dog doesn’t seem to care.
  • I spent many many many hours organizing some much needed paperwork, lists, baby shower items and RSVP items and thus…not much else. You know, if this turns out, you will get some lovely photos and you will never have to hear about it again. If it’s a giant failure….you will get giant failure photos and you’ll never have to hear about it again. Rest assured, soon you never have to hear about it again. #downtherabbithole
  • My workout yesterday was hurting. Is that a good sign? I’m making an effort to work out every single day and yesterday I really worked it but I remembered to keep it hard but not kill me. So today I have DOMS but not ~Holy Mother I can’t do the stairs what’s wrong with me~ bad. That’s a good thing, right? Yep, I think so.

    Also…when Googling “DOMS” for a GIF…enter with caution. It’s a sex thing. sigh…Nothing is safe anymore…
  • MT used to read my blog (before being cut off from all the world in Boot camp~oorah)and he would stand over my shoulder while I wrote and searched for GIF’s and he’d laugh because he knows me and reads my mind and hears me talk out loud and he would talk things through with me and he would laugh his ass off if he was standing there when I came across that ridiculous DOMS thing up there…so ridiculous. I’m so careful what I search for and sometimes when you aren’t looking…BAM…danger on the computer.
  • The photographer (and the mom?) in me loves photographs. I am completely sucked in. I love photographs and the people in them.  Take pictures. And when you’re taking that photo…get closer. Frame it…then get closer. You really can’t screw that up. No one needs to see legs and arms and lawn chairs. Get closer. Get those beautiful faces. It’s so worth it.
    aren’t they pretty? Yep. I think so, too.
  • I’ve been watching Grace and Frankie on Netflix and it’s a fabulous show. Amazing to watch. I love Lily Tomlin and I’ve never been a real fan of Jane Fonda but she is very talented and that does come through. Also, could I please look like her at 50, let alone 70? Sheesh. She’s amazing. And I really feel like the show and the characters are so cross generational. So many issues women of all ages can relate to. One of the characters in the show is named Babe, I loved that.  Okay, so she ends up dead but whatever. Minor issue. Also, I totally see my mother in them, which is hilarious. HILARIOUS.
    Favorite quote so far when Frankie (a total granola)  is trying to help Grace (high class society) find a past love:

I’m an amateur sleuth with limited self control and a computer. It’s a perfect storm.

Maybe you had to be there but that is so my mother. And a little bit me but don’t tell her I said so.

Hilarious. I’m so disappointed it’s only two seasons so far.

  • I tracked my eating on myfitnesspal today. I haven’t done it in forever but I figured what the hell. I don’t feel hungry ever which is so ironic because I know nothing fits me and it’s so SO frustrating. I made myself eat today though it was not an easy feat. Even my baked potato was only half hearted. I just threw a baked potato in the microwave. I did have the heart to make it a sweet potato or even to add salsa and you guys know I live and breathe for salsa. So at the end of the day it turns out I had a whopping 870 calories and even myfitnesspal yelled at me. Whatever. You can’t please anyone these days. I suspect there’s a little man inside myfitnesspal and he’s talking to my mother… 😉
  • If it’s still raining I’m going to the gym. I don’t feel like getting that wet and I could use some stairmaster/elliptical time. Cross training is SO MY FAVORITE. (don’t I sound SUPER EXCITED about cross training? Yeah…)

Run on…and if it’s raining well, perhaps some rain gear cause we gotta get that run in…

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  1. Oh goodness! love that photo 🙂 Very nice. Good luck with MFP, if you decide to keep using it… and, of course, good luck with the baby shower and all that craziness.

  2. I’m in denial about it all today! and thanks. That photo is one of my favorites. My fitness pal isn’t but I use it anyway. I think it’s a valuable tool. It just requires actually using it.

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