Am I feeling all great and everything or is it just an illusion?

  • Sometimes FB isn’t what you want it to be. Sometimes it’s not the refuge from a busy day. Today it had disturbing news stories, stressful updates and general unhappiness. I closed it. My stomach hurt. I hid people.
  • I woke up at 5:30 this morning and  immediately started my day with a dance party. Because WHYNOT??
  • Malachi and I went for a walk and then I got my nails done and headed out for these errands. I ran seven errands today. I know, you’re thinking…really? Only seven? I’ve kind of lost a little faith in you, Tess. But a few of those errands were like across town and HUGE errands for the shower so holy smokes they count as TWO don’t they? Why yes, I think they do. And one of then was mowing the lawn…hmm…six and a half. I only mowed the front. Damn. And I did not run today because I am resting so as not to hurt myself and because…tired.
  • Here are the chalkboards! I told you I’d show you pictures. I know they aren’t running related. Geez you guys are sassy. Life isn’t ALL about running. Sometimes it’s about creativity. And THESE ARE CREATIVE. Look at how freakin’ cool they are. (as I pat myself on the back) #downtherabbithole

    IMG_20160518_224000461       IMG_20160518_224013221
    I attempted to find the sources for my ideas for these but Pinterest is like the source from hell, right? I think I may have narrowed it down to  I mixed and matched a lot and figured things out a little. And spray painted my own leg. That was fun. I did have that moment where I wondered when I last showered (it was black spray paint and it was on my ankle) but then I remembered the paint.
  • I’ve been following bendoeslife for years and he’s currently walking across the United States from LA to Boston. At one point he got bored (I know, right? At ONE point? ha…so he entertained us with  the Mulan song I’ll Make a Man Out of You on video for us. I follow him on Instagram, too. The video is awesome. Here’s the point, and I do have one, I was reminded how much I love that song so I downloaded it. Um…did you know Donny Osmond sings that song???? I’m so enlightened!! I see Donny Osmond in a whole new light. Also…great song to run to. Just saying. It’s okay, you can judge me. I also run to Mmmbop. And before you say anything else I have EXCELLENT taste in music.
  • I have plans tomorrow night (sadly without my husband) so I am planning on getting up early (ha…think it’ll happen two days in a row?) so I can get a workout in. I have to be in MT this weekend because my nieces are graduating…how awesome is that? So I’m trying to get as much done as possible before I go. Part of what I have to do is ironing tablecloths and that takes 45 minutes PER TABLECLOTH. I have nine more. sigh…so much work. I’d rather be drawing chalkboards.  If anyone wants to iron tablecloths…you know where to find me. 😉

Run on…because it’s what you want. You know it is. Even when it’s hard.