I blinked and it was Monday.

I spent the weekend working on a writing post and I did SO well with it that here it is Monday morning and you aren’t reading it (now it’s Monday afternoon).

Classic. I’m pretty on the ball.

On the other hand, I did get my garage cleaned.

My run in on Sunday.

Hiking with Sean and Theboy.


And of the 472 things I have to sell I got about 15 of them listed.

feelin’ pretty productive right now.


I took Skosh in to get his annual (18 month?) check up and ended up spending far too much time chatting with the doctor about politics (Trump…scary), the news (so many car accidents, kid check every time I see one), and how we’re going to die (please  don’t let it be from some idiot driving stupid). Pretty sure he also gave me another break on the vet bill.

I really do like our vet.

Skosh does not.

I’ve been rewatching The West Wing on Netflix (God bless Netflix) and it’s so interesting to see the references they make through a series  that ran from 1999-2006 that have direct bearing on our lives right now. And some of the references talk about what our future concerns will be only to see that that is in fact what our concerns are. 


Today I’m going to do some light strength training and walk. It’s a rest day so no running.
push ups
And don’t get excited about the pushups. I get about 20 a day done…on a good day it’s 30. I’m workin’ on it.

Why light strength? Because I’m still not me so baby steps. Hopefully soon? Who knows. We work with what we have, right?

Run on…and bring the effort. 

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