Sweet List <3. Even now, we get a Sweet List.

  1. Breakfast with my kids on Sunday at LePeep. I got flowers straight from Shaughnessy and Adam’s garden and a small box of gummies and life is happy. Theboy was on his best behavior and breakfast was it’s usual awesome.
  2. Alex is building me a new mailbox. So that’s awesome. I’m in the middle of staining it so I’ll have to update you as we go.
  3. Megan (Alex’s favorite girl. Yes, I’ve been replaced. But I’m okay with it) gave me Skittles and Starburst, the most beautiful candle  AND returned my dishes. Alex never returns my dishes so I’m kind of excited about that.
    alexeastershirt        IMG_20160614_123509
  4. Spending my day at the Shrine of Cabrini which is so beautiful. Andrea went with and asks a million questions and I always forget. Every single time. And then I read and remember and forget for the next time. Too many drugs probably.
  5. Monica Sue bought me pretty things.
    freckles courtesy of Kent Veatch, thanks Daddy.
  6. I’m getting my miles in every day. I know a lot of them are walking but I am gettin’ ’em in.
  7. Letter from MT and that is my favorite.
  8. Getting my nails done today because well…I like to. and it’s June. Two very valid reasons.
  9. I’ve been very successfully selling things off from the party and the garage shelves. It feels clean #moneyfromthesky #thisisaparttimejob  #ifonlyImadeasmuchasSean #seanwishesthattoo
  10. I got a new travel size foam roller for a birthday present. Yeah, I bought it myself but doesn’t that make the most sense?I know what I want. 😉

    The next three things are odd to find on the Sweet List. But in this tragedy of the weekend I’m going to find good to get us through the mess. 

  11. John Oliver speaking so well and giving us just a little bit of hope right now. #westandwithorlando
  12. Chik Fil A stepping up in Orlando #westandwithorlando
  13. Jet Blue is offering flights for families who need to go to Orlando to attend to their family members #westandwithorlando

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  1. I have that foam roller! And yay for your sweet list 🙂 So many nice things. And good for you for getting your miles in. There are definitely days when I walk more than I run, but you do what you gotta do to keep moving forward, right?

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